NieR Replicant Act 2 The Junk Heap Walkthrough

You will be making a return to the Junk Heap area during Route B of NieR Replicant remaster's story. This...

You will be making a return to the Junk Heap area during Route B of NieR Replicant remaster’s story. This NieR Replicant Act 2 The Junk Heap walkthrough takes you through the entirety of this new mission area to help you find all of the items that the game needs you to acquire and progress forward.

NieR Replicant Act 2 The Junk Heap

Start Act 2 Junk Heap by heading straight to Gideon’s forge and interact with him twice to acquire Iron Will (Two-handed Sword) as a non-usable weapon along with the Basement 2 Passcode.

To find B2, you must enter the Junk Heap factory and use the elevator on the east side to reach the Basement. Once at the Basement, you’ll come across many Turrets on your way. Destroy them all, especially the ones behind the closed door.

Side Note: Mainly, the enemies you’ll fight in both Act 1 and Act 2 of Junk Heap are Robots.

North to the corridor is a door that has been blocked by a barrier. To gain access to the door, you must grab a bomb from the turret to destroy the barrier.

Once the barrier is down, enter the area behind the door and head into the M-shaped area on the map which takes you to the far north side of the area. Optionally, you can blow up a few more Robots in the east, but that’s not what we’re here for.

Slowly pass the M-Shaped area while making your way through a wave of Robots and keeping in mind not to fall off from the vents nearby.

Continue the search till you come across a large door behind multiple robots, including a big one called P-32. Destroy it to acquire the Memory Alloy and head back to Gideon’s forge.

Interact with him to receive the restored Iron Will. Once received, interact with Popola at the Library and get ready to revisit the Junk Heap for another mission where you’ll engage in a boss fight with P-33.

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