NieR Replicant Act 2 Shadowlord’s Castle Walkthrough

This guide will focus on NieR Replicant Act 2 Shadowlord’s Castle and help you complete Route B of the game.

After you have completed all of the Act 2 side quests and collected all obtainable items, it is time to play the final mission of NieR Replicant in Route B of the game. This guide will focus on NieR Replicant Act 2 Shadowlord’s Castle.

NieR Replicant Act 2 Shadowlord’s Castle

Go ahead and talk to Popola to begin the final quest. Head towards Lost Shrine and enter the portal towards Shadowlord’s Castle. Note that once you enter the castle, you cannot return.

You will be greeted with a prominent Atrium structure when you enter. Pick the Phoenix Sword from the crate found next to a door. Interact with the birds at the birdbath.

You need to solve a riddle to progress any further. Choose the following options in order:

  • Because of the Black Scrawl Disease
  • By separating the body from the soul
  • They are placed in their corresponding shells

When you enter the next room, Devola and Popola will jump out from nowhere to stop you from going further. This will trigger a boss fight against them.

Devola & Popola Boss
Both of them will use the powers of Grimoire Weiss to aid them in the fight. They can now teleport around the room and shoot magic orbs. Destroy the orbs or dodge them to be safe. When both are in a resting phase, go close to them and get a chain of melee attacks.

When they are about to teleport, a glowing circle will appear on the floor. Use that circle to know where they will teleport to next.

Defeating the twins will give you the map to the castle, and they will allow you to proceed.

Shade Wild Boar Boss
Proceed to the next room to get greeted with another boss fight. This time you will face many Shades morphed into each other to form a giant wild boar.

The Shade Wild boar will now be able to regenerate multiple times with the ability to charge its attack and poison you. Dodge the charge attack and try to make it hit the wall to stun it.

Once it is stunned, land a couple of hits to replenish its health. Defeat it to unleash its next phase. It will now be protected with armor and can form a poisonous gas. Defeat it again to proceed to the next room.

Go forward through the staircase while removing debris from your way. You will face the Shade Wild boar but this time, it will get pierced by spears once its health reaches half.

The spears will be shot by the King of Facade, who will now come to help you fight. The Masked Warriors will trap them inside the room with the Shade Wild Boar so that you can get rid of it and progress further.

Devola & Popola Boss Fight (Part 2)
The next room will be a continuation of the boss fight with Devola and Popola. They will tell you the purpose of what they are doing and start another fight.

Use the same technique written before to defeat them. Deevola will stand down this time but Popola will keep fighting Emil will then sacrifice himself to save you from the so that you can face the final boss.

This next room will be the final room of the game where you will find Yonah and Shadowlord. You will now fight Grimore Noir before you can face Shadowlord.

Grimoire Noir will fight the same way Grimore Rubrum fights. Read our Grimoire Noir Boss Fight guide to learn how to defeat Grimoire Noir.

You will now face the final boss of Nier Replicant, Shadowlord.

Shadowlord Final Boss Fight
Shadowlord will go through three phases during the fight. Each phase will have different fighting styles and tactics.

Most of the time, Shadowlord will be shooting orb projectiles at you while flying in the air. Shoot or dodge the projectiles and stay clear of him once he is in the air.

Try to finish the attack gauges when you get close to him. Otherwise, stay as far away from him as you can. Use Dark Lance or magic to deal damage to him.

Yonah will wake up mid-fight, which will initiate a cutscene. After the cutscene, Grimoire Weiss will be too weak to produce any magic for you. So, the following fight sequence will have you play without the help of magic.

Your only choice to deal damage to him is to get close to him and attack him using your melee weapon. Keep dealing damage to him until he is defeated. You can learn more about the Final Boss fight in our Shadowlord Boss Fight guide.

Once the boss fight is over, you will get the first ending of Nier Replicant.