NieR Replicant Act 2 Lost Shrine Walkthrough

We will be walking you through the Lost Shrine in Act 2 of NieR Replicant, telling you about everything there is to collect and do.

If you were looking for a detailed walkthrough of the Act 2 Lost Shrine in NieR Replicant, then look no further because you’ve come to the right place. We will be walking you through the Lost Shrine in Route B of NieR Replicant, telling you about everything there is to collect and provide you with effective strategies to defeat the bosses within the Lost Shrine.

NieR Replicant Act 2 Lost Shrine

The Lost Shrine in Act 2 of NieR Replicant is a second route approach to the Lost Shrine from Act 1. Your main enemy here will be Shades, and you will be facing Gretel again. You will also be encountering the Shade Kaine.

We will be providing you with an effective strategy for defeating both of these bosses as well.

Obtainable Items
The following items can be obtained as you progress through this mission area.

Item Name Location
The Devil Queen Spear This Spear is located inside a box near the ladder of the Lost Shrine’s exterior.
Beastlord Two-Handed Sword This sword is located in the courtyard of the Lost Shrine, towards the right side of the Shrine door.
Mysterious Stone Fragment You can find this Stone Fragment in the Main Chamber of the Lost Shrine.

NieR’s Village
This mission will be taking place within NieR’s Village and the Lost Shrine. You start in the village, and your very first objective is to talk to Popola.

After you’ve talked to him, follow the marker to the docks and talk to the guard there. Now you need to make your way to the Lost Shrine.

The Lost Shrine Exterior
Once you reach the vicinity of the Lost Shrine, start making your way up the area, and be sure to smash any boxes on your way as one of these boxes contains The Devil Queen Spear we mentioned above.

Go across the cave to reach the Lost Shrine’s Interior.

The Lost Shrine Interior
Defeat all the shades on the first floor, break the boxes to find some Medical Herbs, then head upstairs. Go across the large tree in the middle of the floor and get rid of any shades in your way.

Once you reach the second floor, you can find more Medical Herbs in the boxes near you. Defeat all the shades on this floor and then head towards the outer area of the level on the east side. You have to go through a door on the east side.

You have to move the two blue blocks out of the way to go further deep into the shrine. You will soon reach an open area from where the large tree is visible again. You cannot go up the stairs because the tree roots will block your way.

Instead, take the door on the west side and then move the blue boxes to progress further into the shrine.

Kill all the shades in the vicinity and then take the ladder to reach the third floor. Keep moving forward along the eastern perimeter until you reach another room with blue boxes that require moving.

Keep moving forward and kill any shades that pop up along the way. When you reach the large tree again, a large shade will appear. Defeat that shade with magic attacks and then move towards the western side.

Go through the door, and then your view will switch to a side-scroller. You will soon reach a courtyard. Kill all the shades that appear and then move north toward the large door.

You can pick up Beastlord on your right and then prepare to battle Gretel.

Gretel Boss Strategy
You can stay on Gretel’s flank to dodge most of her attacks and take out the shades which she has summoned. She throws flaming orb projectiles at you, and they can be destroyed by using melee attacks.

You can even go in for some quick damage right after destroying the orb and using a forward thrust attack. Her spin attack after the cutscene can be dodged just before it hits you by doing a sprint dash towards either side.

After this fight, a cutscene will play, and then you have to battle Shade Kaine.

Shade Kaine
Shade Kain mainly uses projectile attacks that can be destroyed, and then if you get too close, she will use a triple-hit sword attack which can be evaded by running away from her or moving towards either of her flanks.

Using a Dark lance and melee attacks against her is advisable.

After your battle with the Shade Kaine, you need to examine the floor at the end of the shrine to get the Mysterious Stone Fragment.

Going back to NieR’s Village
After that, you need to head back to the NieR Village and talk to Popola again. Then exit the library and go to the Junk Heap to finish the Route B Lost Shrine of NieR Replicant.

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