Nier Reincarnation Tips

The latest entry to the Nier series comes in the form of a mobile Gacha game, Nier Reincarnation. Fans of the series new to this genre (and even regular Gacha players) may find all the mechanics overwhelming. However, don’t worry, this guide provides tips that beginner players can follow to familiarize themselves with Nier Reincarnation!

Nier Reincarnation Tips

Nier Reincarnation moves away from the traditional hack and slash of its predecessors for a more mobile-friendly experience. The game is a mix of action RPG elements and Gacha mechanics.

The game eases you into the mechanics so you won’t be completely lost. However, keep the following tips and mechanics below in mind for a better overall experience in Nier Reincarnation!

Stock up on Stamina Recovery

Stamina is important if you want to keep on playing the game and grind out events in Nier Reincarnation. So, to make sure you always have enough Stamina, you need to purchase Stamina Recoveries.

You can find them in the shop at the end of the Item shop menu. Even if you’re not grinding or using up all your stamina, purchase all of the available recoveries to hoard them for later use

Complete Story Challenges!

Under the missions’ tab in Nier Reincarnation, go to challenge. There are a bunch of quests here with significant rewards for completion.

Specifically, we recommend completing quest 10 of the main quest and chapter 6 as it will enhance your skills when playing battles on auto. On completing chapter 9, you will get 50% more summon tickets from main quests.

Chapter Summons

Chapter summons can be used to gain materials for characters and weapons. You can get chapter summons on completing the chapters one by one. Summons are reset every month, so keep tabs on it and spend your chapter tickets wisely!

Equipping Weapons

Each character has some special weapon, and by equipping the weapon, the character can get a bonus in the stats. The main weapon is in red and the sub-weapons are in blue.

Make sure to equip only the best equipment on your chars so that you always have the edge in battle!

Enhancing your characters and equipment

To increase the abilities of your characters in Nier Reincarnation, use the materials you’ve gathered at character enhancement. As you progress through, your character’s strength and abilities will be enhanced.

You can also enhance the skills for your characters by going to skill enhancement under the character enhancement tab. For each character, a different material is required to upgrade skills.

Each day the dungeon changes, so you need to plan accordingly. Here is how they change daily and what materials are required.

To make your characters stronger, upgrade characters, weapons, memories, companions. If you do it in this order you can get the most out of enhancing your skills.

Daily Quests and Guerilla Quests are the most important tools to get the materials. Also, always go for the hardest stage to get a large amount of materials for character enhancement.

Sell 2 Star Weapons for Medals and Money

Go to enhance/list & sell/weapons/sell. Now sell the weapon that you want to, and get the money and medals in turn. This is a very useful way to earn much-needed money.

You can use money and medals to buy anything from the medals shop. These weapons will likely never be used and only clog up your inventory so might as well make some extra medals!

Complete Dark Memory Quests (Later!)

If you set out to complete these quests and reach the 11th stage of the quest, you can get the dark character.

This dark character is really powerful, so helps you improve your performance drastically. Not only this, but you can also unlock dark weapons once you reach the 11th stage.

Black Birds

The birds appear on the map during the progress of the main story in Nier Reincarnation. Tap to get valuable items. Getting them every time can be tedious on farming runs but every little bit adds up over time!

Evolving Weapons

It is necessary to evolve weapons to get the most out of them. To do so, go to evolve option under the weapon enhancement tab.

This unlocks the second ability of the evolved weapon and greatly increases its usefulness. Try to evolve a weapon that you’ll know will be in use for a while, don’t waste mats on a lower star weapon.

Limit Breakthrough Enhancement

This can be done by collecting pearl-based materials that can break through the limit of weapons. Pearl-based weapons are available at the Nier Reincarnation Coin Exchange Arena.

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