You Can Buy NieR Automata Trophies With In-Game Currency

NeiR Automata has already launched in Japan and just over a week remains before the game releases in the US. Some gamers like to complete every task in the game to earn trophies and while some are easy to get there are some that are very hard to earn. However, if you can’t get a trophy in NieR Automata then fear not as you can buy NieR Automata trophies.

Reddit user, youkatei, has discovered that players can buy NieR Automata trophies with in-game currency. However, before you jump to any conclusion, NieR Automata trophies can only be purchased on your third playthrough.

It is an interesting concept, however, it also defeats the purpose of earning a trophy. However, by the third playthrough, the player will have experienced all that the game has to offer so they will just have to grind for cash and purchase the trophy which they could not earn.

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Speaking of NieR Automata trophy, there is one trophy for the game that unlocks rather easily but this particular trophy unlocks for being a naughty gamer. The trophy in question is “What Are You Doing?”, which is something you should be asking yourself after unlocking it. This NieR Automata trophy unlocks if you adjust the camera to take a peak at Android 2B’s undergarments.

Xbox One owners will not able to enjoy NieR Automata since it is a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive and Platinum Games has explained why NieR Automata is not coming to Xbox One. According to the developer, the market for Xbox One is not much big in Japan.

NieR Automata is an action-adventure RPG developed by Platinum Games and is scheduled to launch on March 7 in the US and March 10 in Europe for PC and PlayStation 4.

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