How to Catch a Lumberwood in Ni no Kuni

We have made a complete guide on how to catch a Lumberwood in Ni No Kuni so that you can catch one and save Esther's life.

Lumberwood is a monster that looks like a tree and the best defensive familiar you can get for Esther. If you have a Lumberwood and you level it up, then Esther will not die. The Lumberwood also can heal. For this reason, we have made a complete guide on how to catch a Lumberwood in Ni No Kuni.

Where is the Lumberwood Located in Ni No Kuni

It is very hard to catch Lumberwood. You can find Lumberwood on the island named No Longer Mine. There are two ways to get to this island.

The easier way is to summon Tengri, and he will fly us there. This is conditional if you unlocked the Tengri. Otherwise, the second way is through the ship.

First, get to the Fairy World and then head North towards No Longer Mine by any of the two ways mentioned above.

How to Catch a Lumberwood in Ni No Kuni

The Lumberwood is going to be on the Southwest side of the island. It is the same direction from where you will be coming from the Fairy World.

The Lumberwood is going to be hiding behind the trees in the forest. The best thing about this familiar is that it spawns every time you will be there, so there is no waiting for him to show.

If the Lumberwood is not present in the trees for some reason, there is a way to summon him. If you use the gateway from and back to the tree’s location, then every time you come back from the gateway, The Lumberwood will be there.

To capture The Lumberwood, you need to fight him and his mates. First, you need to kill the Balloonatic because it casts a healing rein, which will heal your enemy’s health.

You need to repeat the process of capturing The Lumberwood with a tree head until you have him. You will capture him at the end if you kill all his defenses which are his buddies.

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