Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Chests Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll list all 36 chest locations currently spread out across Ni no Kuni: Cross World's 12 areas.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has many hidden chests across the lands that you can access and use to get additional CP. This allows you to get better and make the game easier as you progress.

However, when exploring through the different locations in search of hidden chests, make sure to disable auto-play mode as it will automatically take you to the next location of the quest.

In this guide, we’ll list all 36 chest locations currently spread out across Ni no Kuni: Cross World’s 12 areas.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Chests Locations

Southern Heartlands

Farm Backstreet Chest

When you reach the empty fields, you can spot a farmhouse on top of the stones. Run around this farmhouse and in the grass on the back of the farmhouse you will find your first chest.

Rewards: Water, 222 CP

Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest

To find this chest, you need to look around the empty space around the left corner of the Great Uncle Tree.

Rewards: 222 CP

Uphill Clearing Chest

Head up the hill with the thick grass near the Great Uncle Tree. You can spot the hill by looking for the orange tree on it. The chest is on top of this hill.

Rewards: 366 CP

Eastern Heartlands

Sulfur Mine Chest

Get through the Sulfur Mine. After you have crossed the Sulfur Mine, you can spot the chest on top of a small hill in the middle of the area.

Rewards: 243 CP

Waterlogged Chest

The chest is found in the Silent Forest. Look around the trees and you will find a narrow-hidden pathway leading down. Follow this path to a hidden cave and you will find the chest in this cave.

Rewards: 243 CP

Ruin Wreckage Chest

From the eastern plains of the ruins, you can find a path leading down to the beach. Once at the beach, look around at the small hill here to find the chest.

Rewards: 270 CP

Golden Grove

Tree Vine Chest

Look around the Strange Field and for a narrow space in between the tree vines. Follow the path to get to an open field. In the left corner is a big tree root and the chest is on top of this root.

Rewards: 278 CP

Boulder Chest

Head to the Fairy Village. Here, you can find a water slide in the right corner of the area. On top of the boulder on its side is the chest.

Rewards: 276 CP

Stone Steps Chest

Head to the Fairygrounds by climbing the stone steps. In the Fairyground, look for the Sakura tree in the left corner of the area. Behind the Sakura tree, the chest is on top of the two stacked rocks.

Rewards: 293 CP

Serene Forest

Treeroot Chest

In the center of the forest after you head up the path leading to the cliff, look at the left edge to spot another narrow path leading backwards and behind the tree roots. Follow this path to get to the chest.

Rewards: 290 CP

Chest by the Water

From the stone pill waterslide in the Boar Tribe camp. Here, go to the stone pillar on the left and behind it, the chest is on a small uphill.

Rewards: 290 CP

Mushroom Chest

The chest is in the Big Mushroom Swamp. Look along the right wall of the area to access the path leading up. From this path, jump on the mushrooms.

After you are on the mushroom, look for the small ledge on your right and jump to it. From this ledge, you have a clear view of the chest and you can jump to it to get to it.

Allegra Plateau

Chest Hidden behind Trees

Look for a small space between the trees on the left side of the Geyser area. When you find it, go through it and you will find the chest.

Rewards: 316 CP

Cave Chest

The chest is hard to get to. After you proceed from the Geyser area, you will reach a set of stairs. From this spot, look on the left to see the chest near the jump mechanism.

Rewards: 311 CP

Chest on Rocks

At the entrance to the Plateau, you can find the chest on the 2nd hill, just before the two horizontal wooden ramps.

Rewards: 340 CP

Cloudcoil Canyon

Thorny Vine Chest

After you enter the Old Base Ruins, look up the hill on the left. To get to the chest itself, you need to cross the bone bridge in the ruins.

Rewards: 330 CP

Chest on Wooden Plank

Reach the Thorny Cliff and then jump across the gap on the right to get to the separate mountain. Here, you will find

Rewards: 354 CP

Ravine Bone Chest

After you cross the Stone Pillar Ravine, you can jump across three branching bones to go up the hill. Once you get here, you can open the chest.

Rewards: 385 CP

Winter Wonderland

Tree Vine Bridge Chest

Go to the final refuge in Flurry Basin. Cross the bridge and as you reach the camp, look at the hill behind the first Igloo you see.

Rewards: 362 CP

Snow-Covered Cliff Chest

After leaving Glacia village, go to the bridge left of the entrance to Flurry Basin. Keep on proceeding until you see the floating rock bridge. Cross it to get to the chest.

Rewards: 382 CP

Bridge Chest

Cross the bridge across the river at Yule. From here, jump on the stone pillars and get to the cliff top to get the chest.

Rewards: 421 CP

Glittering Grotto

Chest below the Bridge Chest

Jump down to the frozen lake from the Coffinpicker Fortress. As you drop from ledge to ledge, you will find the chest on the second cliff.

Rewards: 362 CP

Unstable Bridge Chest

You will pass by a crumbling bridge on your way to Plunderer’s Hill. You need to cross this bridge to get to the other side and get the chests here.

Rewards: 353 CP

Waterfall Chest

Drop down the ledges next to the frozen waterfall in Frozen Estuary. At the end, you will find the chest.

Rewards: 520 CP

Burning Desert

Collapsed Ruin Chest

In the Mysterious Desert Ruins, jump across the pillars of the broken bridge to get the chest. You need the mount to do so as the jumps as too long to make on your own.

Rewards: 401 CP

Ruin Pilar Chest

After you get the Collapsed Ruin Chest, use the fallen pillar next to it as a ladder and reach atop the adjacent pillar to get the chest.

Rewards: 454 CP

Cheese Rock Chest

On the Cheese Rock, you will find a pond in the right corner. Jump over the broken bridge at the entrance to get to the chest.

Rewards: 544 CP

Witch’s Woods

Chest by the Boulder

You can climb a large tree at the far end of the Crescent Plains to get to the chest. Climb the tree and drop on the boulder to get to the chest.

Rewards: 403 CP

Chest on a Tree

In the Southern Crescent Plains, you can spot the chest on a tree. To get top the chest, use the narrow path right next to the tree.

Rewards: 406 CP
Chest under a Tree

In the left corner of the Strange Swamp, look around the waterfall to spot the chest under the tree roots. Run around the roots to look for the opening allowing you access to the chest.

Rewards: 563 CP

Woebegone Wilds

Shrine Chest

The chest is in the back of the Shrine of Fires.

Rewards: 439 CP

Statue Chest

The chest is found on top of the cliff overlooking the statue in Shrine of Waters. Head to the left of the Waterfalls of Honor to get to the chest.

Rewards: 475 CP

Waterfall Chest

Look for a waterfall in the right corner of the Shrine of Waters. Use a mount and jump through the waterfall to enter the secret room containing the chest.

Rewards: 574 CP

Rainbow Valley

Broken Shrine Chest

Cross the ruins and get to the Bridge of No Returns. Here, look to the right to find the chest sitting on the pipeline.

Rewards: 442 CP

Rainbow Ore Chest

Jump to the top of the rainbow Ore. From here, head to the Long Stride Quarry and enter the first quarry on your right. The chest can be found here on a floating ramp.

Rewards: 443 CP

Rainbow Mine Chest

Head to the port near the teleporter. Here, look around the watch tower to find the chest.

Rewards: 602 CP

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