How to Deke in NHL 22

This guide will help you understand how to perform all kinds of Dekes in NHL 22. We will teach you how to do the bank passes, Crosby Deke,  the Michigan Deke, and much more. These moves help you succeed against the opponent in the game. Now, let’s begin with how to Deke in NHL 22 without any delay.

How to Deke in NHL 22

First, we will be mentioning some important Playstation and Xbox controls for Dekes.

Deke Controls

Deke Playstation Xbox
Backhand Toe Drag R3 + R (Downwards) R3 + R (Downwards)
Backhand Toe Drag Flip R3 + R (Downwards) + R1 R3 + R (Downwards) + RB
Backhand Toe Drag Shot R3 + R (Downwards) + R (upwards) R3 + R (Downwards) + R (Upwards)
Backhand Toe Drag Pass R3 + R(Downwards) + R2 R3 + R(Downwards) + RT
Left-Handed One Hand Deke Backhand + L1 + R (right to left) Backhand + LB + R (right to left)
Right Handed One Hand Deke Backhand + L1 + R (right to left) Backhand + LB + R (right to left)
One-Hand Tuck (Forsberg) RS (left or right) L1 + R1 RS (left or right) LB + RB
Between the Legs Shot L1 + R3+R(Upwards) LB + R3+R(Upwards)
Between the Legs Pass L1 + R3 + X LB + R3 + A
Between the Legs Saucer Pass L1 + R3 + R1 LB + R3 + RB
Slip Deke (To be performed by boards) Press L1 (when near the boards) Press LB (when near the boards)
Drop Pass R1 (without using LS) RB (without using LS
Board Pank Self Pass (To be performed when near boards) Press L1 + R2 Press LB + RT
Behind the Net Self Pass Press L1 + R2 Press LB + RT
Flip Deke Backhand or Forehand + L1 + R2 Backhand or Forehand + LB + RT
Lacrosse Deke (Michigan) Forehand + L1 (hold) + R3 (hold) + R (left to right)   Forehand + LB (hold) + R3 (hold) + R (left to right)  
Stride Deke L1 + L(any side) LB + L(any side)
Fake Deke Strike Deke (Forehand) + R (Backhand) Strike Deke (Forehand) + R (Backhand)
Backhand Tap Back Deke R (Right) + L1 + R (Left) + L (Right) + R (Right) R (Right) + LB + R (Left) + L (Right) + R (Right)
Forehand Tap Back Deke R(Left to Right) + L1 + R ( To the Right) + L ( To the Left) + R ( To the Right) R (Left to Right) + LB + R (To the Right) + L (To the Left) + R (To the Right)
Jump Deke L1 + Flick RS Up LB + Flick RS Up
Skate Kick Deke L1 + R (Downwards) LB + R (Downwards)
Through the Legs Deke L1 + RS (rotate stick down anticlockwise) LB + RS (rotate stick down anticlockwise)

How to Perform Dekes

We have mentioned all the controls for Dekes that you can perform in the game. Now, we will be guiding you on how you can perform some of the tricky Dekes easily while playing the game.

Some Dekes are a bit difficult to execute, so we will be guiding how one can tackle such situations.

How to Perform Lacrosse Deke (Michigan)

First, we will be covering the Lacrosse Deke. The best time to use this Deke is when you come towards the rival’s net from behind.

This Deke allows you to move in a free skate mode. First, you need to be at rest while facing forward. Now, press the control for this Deke, as mentioned in the table above.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t press the control too quickly or too slowly, as this will not allow you to perform the Deke properly. So, your timing must be on spot to make this move effective.

How to Perform Slip Deke

This move is a bit easier to perform than the previous one. The players will want to perform this move when they face their opponent on their way close to the boards.

To perform this move, the players need to press the control for this Deke mentioned above. You will slip through right when you press the controls.

The players should make sure that their timing to press the control must be on spot to pass through the boards with high speed. This allows you to run away from your opponent quickly.

How to Perform Chip Deke

This Deke is also known as jump Deke. This Deke enables you to halt the move of the opponent to stop your breakaways by throwing the skaters. The players should keep in mind that they do not press the above-mentioned control for this Deke randomly.

First, they need to observe the movement of the skater. Otherwise, improper timing for pressing the control will lead to a collision, or you can lose the puck.

How to Perform One Handed Tuck Deke

This Deke helps you to create a space for moving the puck by dragging the opponent to the other side. The players mostly use this Deke when they face the goaltender.

We suggest you perform this Deke in free skate to get the most out of it. When you press the controls, the puck will sweep the puck away before pushing it forwards.

How to Perform Between the Legs Shot Deke

The players use this Deke to confuse the opponents by hiding their puck through fast movements. One can direct the vision of the goalie to one place and then hit towards the empty space as well. The players can use it whenever they get close to the goalie.

When you press the controls, you will find the puck between the legs of the skater. Now, for shooting, just move the analog stick towards the direction of the goal.

How to Perform Board Bank Self Pass

The purpose of this Deke is to come across the goalie one-on-one. The players will want to perform this Deke when they get close to the blueline.

When you press the control to perform this deck, you must press L3 to move back towards the puck. This is because skaters will be repelled back while it is at a good distance from the boards.

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