Japanese Developers Working Closely With Microsoft To Develop The Next Xbox Console

The Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft is working, closely with the Japanese developers to bring in, the Next Xbox Console.

All good things must come to an end, when Geoffery Chaucer penned down this proverb he had a context of a tragic love story, in mind. What he might not have been aware of, the fact that similar is the love story of the present generation Xbox console and its users. It seems to be that this love story, is too coming to an end and Microsoft seems to be on top of the situation. In a recent interview with the Xbox division head, Phil Spencer revealed that the company is working closely with the Japanese developers, to bring in the Next Xbox Console.

In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, an interview with the Microsoft’s Xbox Head Phill Spencer was included, and this interview has provided a lot of insight regarding the Next Xbox Console. What plans does Microsoft have, when it thinks of its future console? Who are they thinking to partner up with? so on and so forth.

When Microsoft teased the Next Xbox Console during the E3 press conference, it had most wondering what would it be like etc. Well according to Phill Spencer, the company has been in contact with various hardware development companies that also include Japanese developers.

They have been exploring the prospects of the future console. He added that the company has been discussing with the Japanese developers, on the innovations they want to bring to the whole architecture of the gaming industry.

Spencer acknowledged the importance of resolution and frame rate but he also added, that the future Xbox will not be just about that, they want to make something that would be significantly better than the before.

He did say that, although Xbox One X was one of the best consoles out there, still they want to further improve on that.

Spencer shared that, over the past few years he has been traveling to Japan and has visited many publishers and developers. He said that he has been working with many Japanese developers and so, he believes that a strong bond is being built between them.

Among all things, what seems to have really caught the attention, is when Spencer said that the journey to build the Next Xbox Console has already begun.

Having said that, if you remember a little while back, Spencer also shared his belief that the video games will evolve beyond consoles, and because of that, the next Xbox could be the last one.

So there it is, the next-gen console is now officially in the works. How the company plans to do it, what it wants to do and how they want to do it, still is a bit unclear. Hopefully, we will be hearing more about it, very soon.

With all that said, what are your expectations form Microsoft regarding the future Xbox console? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Weekly Famitsu