Next Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Global Mission Announced, Involves Battle Agency

As announced, Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon next Global Mission will ask players to achieve 100.000 wins in the Battle Agency before the event's finish.

Grab your Nintendo DS, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is about to have its next Global Mission. This time you’ll have to try harder since it wants you to get involved with the Battle Agency. As announced, the new Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Global Mission will ask players to achieve 100.000 wins in Battle Agency before the event’s finish.

By the time the new Global Mission begins players will have to get to the Festive Plaza and get their random rented Pokemon to join the fight. You’ll have to then get two more Pokemon by interacting with other players at the Plaza so you better start meeting new people. Meeting the 100.000 wins mark will award all players with 2.000 Festive points. Fear not though. Should the event fail, you will still get 1.000 Festive points to spend.

If you want to partake in the new Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Global Mission you may want to use the Pokemon Global Link. Using it will double your rewarded Festive points whether the challenge succeeds or not.

Let’s jump into some Battle Agency info. There are 50 total Grades which take you up to Level 100 for your Pokémon and your opponents. At the end of every 10 grades, you will get a boss battle rewarding you with a Gold Bottle Cap.

After each run in the Battle Agency, the three Pokémon at your disposal will change. Each time will need to select one of the three Pokémon. Then, you need to select teammates which can either be online players at the Festive Plaza or VIPS.

If you are not happy with your random Pokemon you can head to the Switcheroo facility at the Festive Plaza and with a cost of 10 points, you can get a new random one from a pool of 1000 Pokemon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon previous Global Mission, the Have Fun Mantine Surfing Global Mission was a success with a total f 8,543,244 Beach Points earned worldwide in Mantine Surf. The first Global Mission was a failure so there’s no telling if the next one will be so easy to achieve. Will you be joining the Battle Agency mission?

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