An Overwatch Update on Consoles will Nerf Torbjorn After Mid July, Says Blizzard Entertainment

A few days ago, Blizzard Entertainment kickstarted a dedicated PTR and shared details on the first Overwatch update they are bringing through it. However, that is not the only thing on their minds; soon enough another character from the game is going to get a balancing update, and this time it will be Torbjorn.

The developers have previously nerfed McCree and Widowmaker about a fortnight ago, but naturally there are other characters that need a similar treatment.

As far as Torbjorn is concerned, a number of fans were complaining about its turrets being too powerful which resulted in a confirmation from Jeff Kaplan, the game director, that a nerf was in order.

Not only that, Kaplan was able to pinpoint exactly how much the damage dealt by his turret will be reduced as well as a rough idea of the time when this Overwatch update will come out.

In an upcoming patch, we will reduce the damage done by Torbjörn’s turret by 30% on Xbox One and PS4. PC will remain unchanged.

ETA – Mid to late July depending on 1st party certification times.

Do keep in mind that this is only going to be a part of the Overwatch update that will be released to the consoles, and not the PC version of the game.


That being said, a 30 percent nerf does appear to be massive, but we think Torbjorn’s turrets will still be able to be of some trouble to the flankers when they come any closer. Do tell us what you think.

In parallel news, Blizzard Entertainment has also disabled the new Avoid This Player feature from the game recently because they believe it was messing up the intent of the matchmaking system – we agree with them.

We are keeping a close eye on everything the developers plan on doing in the next Overwatch update, so keep checking back for updates.

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