Next Hearthstone Expansion Releases in August, Features Missions

The Spring Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT), scheduled for this week, will be when Blizzard officially announces the next expansion pack for the game.

During a live stream over the weekend, game director Ben Brode confirmed that we should expect the release to be somewhere in August. In addition, the developer mentioned the arrival of Missions. These are somewhat like Adventures and tell the unique story of the expansion pack through multiple quest-lines.

Missions will be released as free updates for everyone with upcoming expansion packs, and not be exclusive to just the next one. According to the developer, players who do not necessarily find it pleasing to grind card packs will enjoy getting to know Missions. It is another source for the community to amass cards for their collections.

There is no information on what the next Hearthstone expansion pack will be about but internet detectives have picked up a trail of clues to suggest that it might have something to do with the Lich King. Returning to Icecrown Citadel is exciting enough but there is another reason for everyone to be waiting anxiously for the next expansion pack. From next month, every legendary card attained from a card pack will be the one that the player does not currently own from the same set. Blizzard is also ensuring that players will unlock a legendary card from the first ten packs of a new set.

The developer is also working on a few changes to Arena, with cards like Vicious Fledgling showing up lesser, as well as for the Ranked ladder. Blizzard should start dropping the details in the coming weeks once it is done announcing the next expansion pack on July 6.


Journey to Un’Goro, the latest expansion pack, released for Hearthstone in April. It brought new quest cards into the game but they have mostly phased out since then. Players are more likely to play other decks instead.

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