Next Destiny Expansion Rise of Iron Will Be Revealed June 9

The next Destiny expansion will be getting a reveal stream by Bungie on June 9, and will hopefully confirm that it's called Rise of Iron.

The next Destiny expansion will be revealed to the public through a livestream on Bungie’s Twitch channel ( on June 9, next Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time.

This will be the moment of truth for a supposed leak in the game that revealed a piece of artwork implying that the expansion would be titled Rise of Iron, possibly dealing with the Iron Lords.

Rise of Iron (if that’s what the DLC is called) will be the fourth Destiny expansion in the game’s run, and the next after the Taken King expansion that came out last year.

Though we have no real information on what the next Destiny expansion will be about, if the title is accurate it may be something to do with the Iron Lords.

The Iron Lords in question are a group of Guardians that became famous in the Last City for helping to defend it in its early days. Lord Saladin, a follower of theirs and the MC for the Iron Banner event that happens every month, may also have a part in the expansion.

The Iron Lords are only mentioned in Destiny’s lore, whether through the game’s Grimoire or through various flavor texts on items. For instance, a Titan relic called Radegast’s Blade, which belonged to a member of the Iron Lords.

Eight others (two other Titans, three Warlocks, and three Hunters) have also been mentioned, with one other being the Warlock Felwinter, who has a shotgun, Felwinter’s Lie, named after him.

The next Destiny expansion will, however, have to be very good if it wants to outshine the Taken King. While the House of Wolves and The Dark Below expansions both brought new things to the table (TDB bringing a new raid that tied in to The Taken King and House of Wolves bringing the Prison of Elders and the Reef as a visitable location), The Taken King brought new gear, a great number of changed mechanics, and more.

Whatever Rise of Iron will be bringing will have to be just as good, if not better.

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