The Next Battlefield Confirmed Along With a Dozen New Frostbite Games

The Next Battlefield has gone into development along with a dozen other Frostbite games during Electronic Arts’ financial conference call for Q1 2018

The Next Battlefield is in development along with a dozen other Frostbite games. During Electronic Arts’ financial conference call for Q1 2018, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson and Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen discussed their plans for future titles and current development situations.

According to the details, the next Battlefield is being developed using Frostbite again. The publisher hopes to develop more personalized, immersive and self-generating worlds with its games in the future. While Battlefield was blatantly mentioned, some of the other Frostbite games are still kept under wraps.

Other games we know of already include Star Wars Battlefront 2 and FIFA 18. The engine is evolving with each developed game due to how many studios are working with it. What changes and improvements we can expect to see for the next Battlefield are unknown.

However, we can be sure that it would be a visually stunning experience that may head to Vietnam this time around, according to a circulating rumor.

Back in 2016, EA DICE released Battlefield 1 and it blew the roof off. Currently, there are 21 million players in-game, making it one of the most played shooters around today. In the few months that have passed since Battlefield 1 player numbers broke 19 million, two million more gamers have now bought and played the game, bringing the total to over 21 million.

Meanwhile, Star Wars Battlefront wasn’t the most successful release of 2015 for EA but the publisher is looking to make up for lost revenue with Battlefront 2. The game is releasing later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, same goes for FIFA 18.

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