Next Arkane Studios Game Is Asking For Senior Positions In Austin Studio

The next Arkane Studios game is apparently in the making, and Arkane is looking for new senior positions in their Austin location in order to make it. The positions aren’t anything you might think are entry-level, so look elsewhere if you’ve been looking to get into the game dev business.

Arkane is the same studio behind the two Dishonored games, along with their expansions and other games like this year’s Prey, 2008’s Call of Duty: World At War, and the 2006 first-person game Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic. The next Arkane Studios game, however, appears to be more online-focused.

According to the job listings, the games are for an Art Director, a Lead Technical Artist, a Senior AI Engineer, a Senior Character Artist, a senior Gameplay Engineer, a Senior Graphics Engineer, a Senior Technical Artist, and an Online Game Engineer.

While that last job isn’t necessarily a confirmation that the game will be more online-focused, it could mean that the game will include multiplayer, something that an Arkane game hasn’t done since World at War was released. Since both Dishonored games were single-player only experiences, Arkane might be looking to get back into the multiplayer game in a big way.

Of course, exactly what the next Arkane Studios game is going to be hasn’t been revealed yet. A great many different things could be coming from it, but until Arkane actually lets us know more, there’s not much we can do to guess. It could be a fantasy sort of story like Dishonored, a science fiction tale like Prey, or something else, but we won’t know until Arkane actually lets us.

Or, of course, there’s a leak, which has been happening with so many different games lately. If that does come out hopefully it’ll actually be accurate, but, again, we’ll have to wait until the game is announced.