New Xbox One Update Preview Promises Clubs, Group-Finding, and More

A new Xbox One update that has now gone into its preview build is offering new features such as Clubs, Looking for Group, and emojis for party chat.

The new Xbox One update that will be coming to the Preview section today will have a number of new things for players to use in order to connect further with their fellow gamers. These include user-created clubs, group-finding for multiplayer games, and much more.

To start off with, the new Xbox One update will include Clubs, user-created and maintained groups that will allow you to meet up with gamers that like the same things you do.

This means you could make a Call of Duty group that could all play together in private matches, or groups for places like Destiny and The Division that will always have someone to run raids and other missions together.

Next up for the new Xbox One update, we have the new Looking for Group mechanic. Previously, players had to invite other players into their groups and games, a time-consuming process that the Looking for Group function would make much faster. With it, all you have to do is find a group of players in your game that are looking for a member, join it, and then go into party chat and start playing in a quick, simple process.

If you’re the owner of the group, all you have to do to build your group is to pick what gamers you want from the list of interested people, and put them in party chat.

Another thing that’s coming in the update is an improved Gamerscore leaderboard, making it faster and more reliable. It also now only displays the top gamerscores until the beginning of each month, rather than 30 days as a rolling period regardless of when a month starts.

Finally, a more lighthearted addition includes emojis becoming available on your Xbox keyboard. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can now use emojis during conversations with your friends on the Xbox Live party chat.

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