New Xbox One Update Being Rolled Out Today!

A new Xbox One update is being released today, however, this one is not going to bring you a lot of new features.

This one just came in. Microsoft has confirmed that a new Xbox One update is going to be released today.

The patch in question is not going to get you a lot of new features, which is something the developers themselves have confirmed. However, it is going to take up over 373 MB of free space on your console.

Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson, the director of programming for the Xbox Live platform took to his official Twitter account with the announcement post regarding the new Xbox One update.

An Xbox One system update is going out today containing stability and bug fixes. No new features in this update.

Since this is not bringing any new features, we are expecting that it will address some of the issues that have been caused by the previous updates alongside general stability issues.

Alongside the announcement, Larry Hryb also shared a GID showing the update being downloaded, although we are not sure if the GIF is for the same patch that has been released just now. Here’s the tweet itself.

You should get a prompt for download on your console anytime, but if you haven’t you can manually install the said update. In order to do that, just go to Settings and hit on System. Inside, you will get the option to download the patch.

This doesn’t really have a lot of exciting stuff in it, but that was expected. Microsoft has promised more features, but they have also confirmed that a major update will not be released until early 2016. We are taking that to mean the first quarter of 2016.

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