Where to Find Sliver of Adderstone in New World

Sliver of Adderstone is a unique resource that you can use to add more pockets to your bags in New World which is quite useful. So, for any New World fanatic, finding Sliver of Addrestone proves to be very beneficial. This New World guide is all about how and where you can find Sliver Adderstone.

Where to Find Sliver of Adderstone in New World

The Sliver of Adderstone is an extremely rare resource in New World. You may say that its rarity might be a bug because of how low the drop rate for it is.

The only way to obtain this resource is through mining boulders that are scattered throughout Aeturnam. Despite spending a good amount of your time dedicated to finding this resource, don’t expect it to have a reliable yield.

Even if you use high-ranking mining gear including perks, you may be just able to obtain three or 4 Slivers of Adderstone within an hour or so.

Don’t despair, we have listed some choices for you to choose from when journeying out to find Sliver of Adderstone.

Increase your Luck!

As unreliable it may sound, you need the help of Lady Luck in order to increase your yield for this resource. Here are some tips that you can undertake to increase it:

  • Eat meals that contain Potatoes or any vegetable from the same family. Eating these boosts mining luck.
  • Equip Armor and Accessories that grant mining luck perks.

Mining armor sets can drop from level 20 and above enemies. You can also obtain a Miner’s Hat from quests though the drop may be random.

As for the potatoes, cook up herb-roasted potatoes. They provide you with increased mining luck for a long time. There’s no way of knowing how long it’ll take, but it’s the only way you’ll be able to obtain the items on your own.

One thing you need to make sure that you go armed with your gear and food and keep shattering stones until you find the Sliver.

Trade for the Sliver

Just like with any other rare item, the best and reliable source for the Sliver of Adderstone is your Trading Post.

Keep an eye on the marketplace, there may be a shortage right now but buying it may serve you better than mining it for hours. However, due to its rarity, it can be a bit expensive.

If you’re down on luck and have loads of spare gold, then maybe buying it might be your best bet.

Uses for Sliver of Adderstone

Why do you even need this resource? For now, you are able to use this resource as a crafting mod. It grants you the ‘Extra Pockets’ perk on bags.

This means when transfused, it further increases the storage size of your bag. So, it’s useful if you are the sort of hoarder who gets over-encumbered often.

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