How to Sell Items in New World

Whilst playing New World, you’ll eventually end up with a decent haul of items you have no real use for. It’s time to sell all that junk and rake in some extra gold. However, it’s not as simple as offloading everything to a merchant there are none. But don’t worry, in this New World guide, we’ll show you exactly how to sell your items.

How to Sell Items in New World

There are two ways to sell your items in New World. The first one is to interact with players and sell your items directly to them, whilst the other one is to place your items on the trading post to sell them.

Selling Items directly to players

The first one is a simple method that requires you to reach out to other New World players and talk to them to sell your items.

You can ask for a price you want for your item and sell the item on the spot. It’s age-old MMO trading and can potentially be more profitable if you end up trading for an item you desire instead of just gold.

The only drawback is that you’ll need to find a player willing to trade with you at your desired prices or trade offers. Don’t worry though as you can circumvent speaking to another player via the second item selling method we’ve outlined below

Selling Items at New World’s Trading Post

The second way to sell items in New World is at the Trading Post. A scales icon on the map indicates where a trading post is. Simply go and interact with the post to open the Trading Screen.


On the trading post screen, you can see different options like Buy, Sell, and My Orders to constantly check the status. Now, you need to select the items such as weapons, clothes, and resources and then select the “Place Sell Order option”.

You can see the sell orders placed by other players recently. These sell orders help you to decide the price that you will set for a certain item. Moreover, it will give you an idea of what items are popular with the other players.

This makes your selling process easier and faster. It is very important to set the price carefully, as setting an unrealistic price will halt the selling of items.

Make sure to check the status of an item placed on the Trading Post by visiting the My Orders tab. You should post an item on one trading post and if the item isn’t purchased by anyone, then place the item on some other Trading Post in another region.

A small fee will be charged for selling your items on the trading post. The fee for placing the item depends on the duration of placement of the item, while the transaction charge depends on the Trading Tax of the territory where you intend to sell your item. Players can reduce the tax by raising their status in the territory.

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