New World Connection Failed Error, Black Screen and Crash Fixes

Like any online game especially an MMORPG of this scale, you will face some errors in the New World as...

Like any online game especially an MMORPG of this scale, you will face some errors in the New World as well. In this guide, we will be covering some of the most common errors which the players came across in the New World along with the possible solutions.

New World Errors and Fixes

New World launched to a massive audience with over one million players trying to get in at one point. As is the case with every major release especially where online is involved, the experience was less than ideal.

Massive server queues and disconnection issues are understandable and you mostly have to rely on developers to fix those. However, if you are experiencing any of these other issues while playing New World, we have some potential fixes listed below.

Error #1:  Timed out while waiting for spawn point

This error will stop you from logging into the server and your game will be stuck. You will be very frustrated if you see this error after waiting a long time to get into the server.

The reason behind this is the New World server. Their server is struggling a bit to handle the players as the players are more than expected.

For resolving this error you have few options available. Firstly you can try to log into the server but this wouldn’t work perfectly. You should wait for few hours and then try to log into the system this is a better option.

If you don’t want to wait few hours you can refresh both the PC and router and then try again. If you reset your network and gaming devices hopefully you would not get this error the next time you try to start the game.

Error #2: Black Screen

This error mostly occurs when a player creates his character and tries to hop onto a server. When you get this error you have to wait for some time as you will get into the server after some time and the black screen will disappear.

Don’t close or restart the game when you see this error just wait a bit and the error will be resolved. If you wait for some time and still not seeing any progress then you can restart the game and again create the character on a new server.

This error will hopefully be fixed in a few weeks as this is pretty common in most of the new games.

Error #3: Connection Failed Error

Connected failed error is also a quite common error in the New World. You will see some solutions like restarting the windows or updating the drivers. But these solutions don’t work in the game most of the time.

The fix we are going to tell you works for most of the users and looks like the most valid fic to the Connection failed Error. The first thing you need to do is exit the game. After that Open the Powershell or Command line with administrator rights and then enter the following code.

ipconfig /flushdns

After that press the enter key and if you have done everything right you will see a message showing “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”

Now it’s time to restart the game and enjoy it.

Error #4: Crash Fix

The game is also crashing while playing and players are reporting it. The most common reasons behind these crashes are the use of third-party software like RTSS, RGB, and MSI Afterburner.

You have to disable these softwares or uninstall them for enjoying the game smoothly. Along with that disable the Geforce Experience overlay and Steam in-game and the game will hopefully not crash after that. The other possible reason can be an outdated GPU driver.

You can update or reinstall the GPU driver. This will also help you in enjoying the game without any trouble. If any of these solutions don’t work then you have to upgrade to a higher GPU to enjoy the game uninterruptedly.

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