New World Best Fire Staff Builds

Fire Staff is one of the magical weapons in New World, along with Life Staff and Ice Gauntlets. In this guide, we will be getting you up to speed with the best Fire Staff builds in New World.

New World Best Fire Staff Builds

Due to its large AoE and strong DPS, Fire Staff can be a quite handy weapon in New World. However, to get the most out of this weapon, you need to have the best Fire Staff Builds at your disposal.

Our guide below breaks down everything you know about the optimal Fire Staff Builds.

Similar to every other weapon in New World, Fire Staff boasts some strengths and weaknesses, which we have highlighted below:

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s first go through the strengths of the Fire Staff weapon:


  • Perfect for solo gameplay whether you are doing quests, or farming XP and loot.
  • Becomes more effective as you get further on in the game.
  • Features insane damage and self-heal.

With strengths come weaknesses. Here is the main shortcoming of the Fire Staff weapon:


  • Provides only a single damaging ability.

Fire Staff PvP Build

Below, you will find the attribute distribution, secondary weapon, and skills used in our first build.

Attribute Distribution

Since you are going to be combining Fire magic which scales with intelligence and melee weapons which are primarily going to scale with Strength.

So, early on, you will mainly be distributing the points in Strength and Intelligence.

However, later on, your main attribute is going to be Intelligence. It’ll provide you some great buffs, such as bonus critical damage, bonus elemental damage, and more. These buffs will be the source of the majority of your damage.

Also, you will also be focusing on Constitution, since it’s great for increasing your base health on the build as well as provide HP boost to your potions, which in turn, allows you to survive and stand your ground.

Secondary Weapon

For the secondary weapon, you want to use Sword and Shield, due to its impressive weapon damage, as well as healing and defense abilities.

Once you have enough mastery points, start unlocking the following skills for this Fire Staff build in the order we have provided

Fire Staff Skills

  • Flamethrower: Generates a jet of flame from the tip of the Fire Staff, dishing out 34% weapon damage each second.
  • Fire’s Reach: Boosts the range of Flamethrower by 50%.
  • Infernal Flames: Enhances the Flamethrower damage by 25%.
  • Pyro Dancer: There is no cooldown on Flamethrower.
  • Incinerate: Deals 130% weapon damage through a fiery explosion and pushes back enemies 3 m.
  • Scorched: There is additional burning on each hit of Incinerate.
  • Cauterize Wounds: Restores 20% of Incinerate damage dealt as HP.
  • Flame Out: Allows Incinerate to hit twice.
  • Burn Out: Deals 129% weapon damage to targets while dashing through them.
  • All In: The cooldown of each Burn out hit is reduced by 5%.
  • Meteor Shower: Rains down meteors, dealing 34% weapon damage on initial impact and an extra 20% damage each second while the targets remain in the AoE.
  • Immolation: You get 1% of your maximum mana for each target on the initial hit of Meteor Shower.
  • Fiery Determination: Adds Grit when you cast Meteor Shower.

Sword and Shield Skills

  • Whirling Blade: Dishes out 145% weapon damage within 2 m.
  • Opportunity: Whirling Blade allows for 5% Rend for 10s.
  • Tactical Strike: Whirling Blade lowers down the cooldown on the ability by 10% for each enemy hit.
  • Sturdy Shield: Allows a 15% additional physical armor.
  • Shield Bash: Dishes out 50% weapon damage and stuns enemies in front of you for 2s.
  • Intimidating Bash: Increases Shield Bash’s threat and 100% more damage.
  • Concussive Bash: Boosts the stun duration of Shield Bash by 1s.
  • Defiant Stance: Reduces the incoming base damage from the attacker by 30% for 8s.
  • Final Countdown: When your HP is above 50%, damage reduction by Defiant Stance is increased by 20%.
  • Restoration: Grants you 15% of your HP when the effect of Defiant Stance runs out.
  • Recuperation: Boosts all incoming healing and regeneration by 10%.
  • Sturdy Grip: Reduced stamina damage by 15% when you are blocking a melee attack with a shield.
  • Defensive Training: Gains 10% Fortify for 5s when you block an attack.
  • Elemental Resistance: Damage from all magical types is reduced by 10%.
  • Final Blow: The third attack in your light attack causes 15% more damage and increased threat.
  • Defensive Formation: When blocking, it reduces damage by 30% to all allies within 2 meters.
  • Judgment of Helios: After the initial impact, all the hits deal 25%.

Fire Healer Build

Here is the breakdown of everything related to our second-best Fire Staff Build:

Attribute Distribution

Early on, you need to focus on Intelligence as it will complement this build perfectly.

After that, invest some points in Focus – at least make them 50 – to improve your healing ability.

For Constitution, 50 to 100 will do and you can easily get there through an appropriate gear.

Secondary Weapon

For the secondary weapon of this build, Life Staff is your choice, particularly due to its positives for the HP of you as well as your allies.

Below is the list of skills you should unlock for your weapons, in this order, for this Fire Staff build

Fire Staff Skills

  • Pillar of Fire: A targeted spell that deals 120% weapon damage.
  • Spell Focus: Heavy attacks restore 5% of your maximum mana on hit.
  • Fiery Restoration: Heavy attacks reduce Fire Staff cooldowns by 10% on hit.
  • First Strike: Pillar of Fire deals 40% additional damage to enemies at full HP.
  • Fireball: Dishes out a fireball that deals 200% damage on impact and leaves a 3m burning field that lasts 6s.
  • Clear Casting: This allows you to deal 10% more damage if you haven’t taken a hit in the last 3s.
  • Flare: Heavy attacks don’t consume mana anymore.
  • Clear Mind: While above 50% mana, you earn 10% Empower.
  • Spellslinger: Your abilities have an additional 15% chance of a critical strike.
  • Prophet of a Fire God: Your critical strike damage increases by 35% when holding a Fire Staff.
  • Runes of Helios: Increases your spell damage by 30% through a fire spell that places a 2m rune on the ground.
  • Catch: Direct hits with Fireball provides you 10% of your maximum mana and lowers down your Fire staff cooldown by 7%.
  • Pyromania: When holding a Fire Staff and health of below 50%, your damage is increased by 20%.
  • Incinerate: Deals 130% weapon damage through a fiery explosion and pushes back enemies 3 m.
  • Arson’s Advantage: Gain 10% of your maximum mana per enemy hit by Pillar of Fire.

Life Staff Skills

  • Absolved: Light and Heavy attacks no longer use mana.
  • Sacred Ground: Generates an area on the ground for 10s and heals 10% weapon damage every second.
  • Holy Ground: Regenerate stamina and mana 100% faster while using Sacred Ground.
  • Blessed: While in Sacred Ground, the allies are healed for 30% more.
  • Band Light: Heals are 20% more effective for 5s after dodge rolls.
  • Beacon: Launches a projectile that deals 95% weapon damage to enemies and heals nearby allies by 20%.
  • Revitalize: When you are hit with a light attack, all your cooldowns are reduced by 5%.
  • Blissful Touch: When hitting an ally, light attacks heal targets for 20% weapon damage.
  • Intensify: Heavy attacks give you increased healing by 10% for 10s.
  • Infused Light: Increases Beacons area of effect by 50%.
  • Radiance Blessing: Beacons last 5s longer.
  • Speed of Light: When Beacon heals a target, it also applies 20% haste for 3s.
  • Orb of Protection: Launches a projectile, dealing 95% weapon damage, 15% Fortify for 20 s and heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage.
  • Protectors Blessing: When Orb of Protection hits an ally, they gain 10% Empower for 20 s.
  • Handling Touch: When hitting an ally, Life staff’s Heavy attacks removes all debuffs.
  • Enhanced Justice: When hit in battle, it actives a healing circle of 4m radius for you and your nearby allies.
  • Desperate Speed: When you heal an ally with less than half the HP, all cooldowns are reduced by 10%.
  • Divine Blessing: You get to heal your allies by 30% if their HP is below 50%.
  • Spirits United: Increased mana generation by 3% for you and your team.

Fire Staff Rapier Assassin Build

This Fire Staff assassin style build is a versatile build that is effective in both PvP and PvE. Here’s everything you need to know about our third-best Fire Staff Build:

Attribute Distribution

This build should ideally run with a lot of Intelligence, Dexterity and Constitution.

As with the previous builds, in Rapier Burst Assassin Build, your focus should be on increasing your intelligence to 200. After Intelligence, put the majority of the points in Constitution to try to get it to 140 as you level up.

Put the remaining points in dexterity and then strength, and you’ll be fine. This build works fine with both medium or light armors.

This build provides you with a lot of mobility as well as dexterity skills that are twice as powerful as your damage skills.

Secondary Weapon

Rapier is the ideal secondary weapon for this build, thanks to its high dps output, exceptional adaptability and mobility.

The following skills should be prioritized for the Rapier Burst Assassin Build:

Fire Staff Skills

  • Pillar of Fire: It deals 134% weapon damage and provides an additional 10-second cooldown.
  • Fire Ball: It can provide a 15 seconds cooldown with 140% weapon damage. It also creates a burning field that lasts for an additional 5 seconds.
  • Spellslinger: Your abilities have an additional 15% chance of landing a critical strike.
  • Flare: Heavy attacks will no longer consume mana.
  • Watch it Burn: Every light attack causes a stack of burns to be applied to the target.
  • Let it Burn: Every time a burnt enemy is damaged, this passive grants you fortify.
  • Kindle: Add kindle to the skills to make the burns last longer.
  • Combat Speed: Provides haste buff to help to chase down enemies.
  • All In: The cooldown of each Burn Out on a hit is reduced by 5%.
  • Burn Out: Deals 129% weapon damage to targets while dashing through them.
  • Heat up: It enables you to create a distance between yourself and an enemy, allowing you to escape.

Rapier Skills

For rapier, you are required to run the full grace tree except for desperation.

  • Riposte: It is a counter-attack that deflects an incoming attack and temporarily stuns the opponent for 1.5 seconds.
  • Refreshing Strikes: It can reduce all cooldowns by 1% on any hit.
  • Red Curtains: It can reduce all the cooldown by 5% on any crit.
  • Breath in: It helps you keep up your stamina hence helps in dodging and blocking attacks.
  • Allegro: It helps you travel quicker to move around fast in no time.
  • Crescendo: It reduces the evade cooldown by 30% every time you hit an enemy with a light attack.
  • Momentum: It can offer 25% additional damage on your next attack when you use an ability.
  • Adagio: It can grant an additional 40% bonus damage every time you cast evade.
  • Lasting Consequence: It gives you more time to act after successfully countering something. It is quite helpful in PvP.
  • Quick Launch: It provides a free reset on every kill you get.
  • Interception: It allows you to cancel Fleche early with a forward stab of 115% weapon damage.