New World Armoring Leveling (0-200) Guide

we have prepared this New World Armoring Leveling guide with tips and instructions on how to approach the crafting system.

Armoring is a skill in New World that belongs to the crafting category. To help you quickly and efficiently level up your armoring profession, we have prepared this New World Armoring Leveling guide with tips and instructions on how to approach the crafting system.

New World Armoring Leveling

Armoring allows you to craft different pieces of armor, whether they are light, medium or heavy. Another major advantage of Armoring is the ability to craft and sell Storage Bags or use them yourself to increase inventory capacity.

The Armoring skill depends on the other skills for the materials and resources. You can get the material required for crafting from other players as well by trading. To gather the materials and resources yourself, the following companion skills are highly recommended

  • Leatherworking
  • Skinning
  • Smelting
  • Mining
  • Weaving
  • Harvesting

We will cover some of the best ways to level up your Armoring trade skill along with rewards and recipes you can get after reaching the maximum level (200).


The process of crafting starts by interacting with the Outfitting Station or Forge as these are the crafting station found in the Settlements. Both of them are used for different types of armor crafting.

The Outfitting Station is used for crafting the light and medium armor and the Storage bags. On the other hand, Forge is used for crafting the heavy armor type in the New World.

You can see the learned recipes in the left panel of the crafting interface. When you are going to craft a piece of armor there are chances that you may found a perk or more.

You may found an empty gem pocket or nothing as the outcomes are random but still you can use the Azoth which is a special resource that can increase the chances of finding a perk or socket while crafting.

Material and Other Skills for Armoring

In the crafting interface, you can see the materials panel in the middle of the display showing the required materials. Each crafted item will need Primary material and at least one secondary material.

You can also add a special perk to predetermine the first perk which you want to add to the item. Azoth can also be added to increase the chance of getting a perk or gem socket.

The materials which can be added are given below

  • Tier 2 Metals
  • Refined Wood
  • Leather
  • Azoth
  • Special Resources

Benefits of leveling Up Armoring

Leveling up the Armoring has its own benefits. This will help you in crafting a better armor that is more powerful. The chances of getting the Perks and gem sockets with them are also improved by Leveling up the Armoring.

As you level up more recipes will be unlocked. Along with the more recipes, the more powerful versions of the existing recipe will also be unlocked. You should keep leveling up till you reach the max level of 200.

How to Power Level Armoring

Sticking to a lower Tier is the best method of quickly leveling up the Armoring Skill in New World. The main reason behind that is the cost of the crafting materials as they rise with higher Tier.

The cost of crafting almost doubles at higher Tiers so it is not recommended. The other reason that you should go with a lower Tier is the resources are a bit easy to find.

Now we will tell you the details about what to craft at what level along with the required material for them. Just follow the guide below and don’t worry about anything else. Keep in mind that the costs mentioned below will differ from server to server so these aren’t final values but the material required to level up will be the same.

Level 0 to 20

For levels 0 to 20, you need to craft 33 Rough Leather Gloves at Outfitting Station Tier 2 which will cost you a total of 119.30 coins. You need the following material to complete the task.

  • 132 Coarse Leather
  • 132 Linen
  • 33 Iron Ingot

Level 20 to 60

The players need to craft 55 Linen Shirts from level 20 to 60. You need to craft these at the Outfitting Station Tier 2 which will cost you a total of 782.65 coins. The material required for both items is as follows.

  • 1210 Linen
  • 660 Coarse Leather
  • 55 Iron Ingot

Level 60 to 75

For levels 60 to 75, you need to craft 45 Sateen Pants at the Outfitting Station Tier 3 which will cost you a total of 443.48 coins. You need the following raw materials.

  • 450 Sateen
  • 270 Coarse Leather
  • 90 Iron Ingots

Level 75 to 80

The players need to craft 42 Sateen Robe Shoes at Outfitting Station Tier 3 which will cost a total of 220.29 coins. They will need the following materials to craft the shoes.

  • 252 Sateen
  • 84 Coarse Leather
  • 42 Iron Ingot

Level 80 to 100

For Level 80 to 100, the players can go for crafting 110 Sateen Leggings at Outfitting Station Tier 3 which costs a total of 1084.05 coins. The materials needed are mentioned below.

  • 1100 Sateen
  • 660 Coarse Leather
  • 220 Iron Ingot

Level 100 to 125

The players should craft 259 Silk Gloves from level 100 to 125 at Outfitting Station Tier 4 which will cost them a total of 2889.05 coins. The required materials to complete the task are.

  • 4782 Silk Threads
  • 1594 Sateen
  • 797 Wireweave
  • 1036 Coarse Leather
  • 259 Iron Ingot

Level 125 to 135

Silk Pants are the best crafting option from level 125 to 135. The players need to craft 81 Silk Pants at Outfitting Station Tier 4 which will cost a total of 2100.45 coins. The following materials are needed to accomplish this.

  • 3738 Silk Threads
  • 1246 Sateen
  • 623 Wireweave
  • 486 Coarse Leather
  • 162 Iron Ingot

Level 135 to 150

The players need to craft 305 Silk Gloves from level 135 to 150. They can craft them at Outfitting Station Tier 4 which will cost a total of 3402.16 coins when you use the following materials.

  • 5631 Silk Threads
  • 1877 Sateen
  • 938 Wireweave
  • 1220 Coarse Leather
  • 305 Iron Ore

Level 150 to 175

The players can craft Infused Silk Gloves from level 150 to 175. They need to craft 445 of them at a Tier 5 Outfitting Station which will cost them a total of 8915.58 coins. The materials required are.

  • 1780 Infused Silk
  • 1780 Coarse Leather
  • 445 Iron Ingot

Level 175 to 200

The players can craft Infused Leather Gloves from Level 175 to 200. They need to craft 606 Infused Leather Gloves at Outfitting Station Tier 5 which will cost around 12986.58 coins using the following materials.

  • 2424 Infused Leather
  • 2424 Linen
  • 606 Iron Ingot

So, this is all you need to do to power level the skill. We hope that this guide helps you to craft the best options to quickly level up your armoring skills.

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