New Tomb Raider Game To “Unify” All Timelines

Crystal Dynamics has casually confirmed to be working on a brand new Tomb Raider game but which will not be officially announced anytime soon.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Crystal Dynamics shared plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise throughout 2021 with a few surprises. The same announcement saw game director Will Kerslake reveal that a new Tomb Raider game will “unify” the timelines of both the original installments and the recent rebooted trilogy.

“We envision the future of Tomb Raider unfolding after [the rebooted trilogy], telling stories that build upon both the breadth of Core Design and Crystal Dynamics’ games, looking to unify these timelines,” said Kerslake. “With Tomb Raider’s extensive history, this is not an easy task, and we ask for patience as we go through the process.”

The original Tomb Raider trilogy was released between 1996 and 1998. The rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy landed between 2013 and 2018 with Shadow of the Tomb Raider being the most recent installment in the franchise. Just how Crystal Dynamics plans to bridge both of these trilogies is a good question but one which the developer will be answering in due time.

Elsewhere, Netflix has announced a new Tomb Raider anime series which will continue the story of the rebooted trilogy. The upcoming show will follow the main protagonist Lara Croft as she travels across the globe in search of long lost treasures. Netflix has not mentioned a release window for the series but is expected to share more details later in the year.

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