New Tekken Game Reveal Teased for The Game Awards

Bandai Namco has teased a new Tekken game and fans aren't sure if it's Tekken 8 or a Tekken remake. Chances are it's Tekken 8.

Bandai Namco has teased a new Tekken game at EVO 2022. The developer released a new update trailer at EVO 2022 and at the end of that trailer, there was a small teaser, apparently for a new Tekken game. At the end of the new trailer, we saw the legendary old cutscene where Kazuya throws Heiachi off a cliff. After that, we saw a modern look of Kazuya making fans believe that either it’s a Tekken remake or a Tekken 8 teaser.

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco hasn’t confirmed anything officially so far. All we can tell that a new Tekken game is coming whether a remake or Tekken 8 (All new Tekken game). As soon as the announcement was made, The Game Awards twitter handle also shared a tweet regarding the announcement of a new Tekken game and asked fans to “Get Ready”.

This Game Awards reveal teaser for the new Tekken game was also quoted by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada telling fans the same thing to get ready.

As for whether it’s a Tekken remake or Tekken 8, making a remake of a fighting game doesn’t much sense and we haven’t seem much in the genre before either. However, rebooting a fighting franchise is something else. It’s also worth mentioning here that Tekken 8 was also part of the infamous Nvidia leak. A lot of information from the Nvidia leak has already been confirmed so now it won’t be far-fetched to believe that Tekken 8 is also coming.

As you might already know, The Game Awards will be taking place in December so we can expect to see Tekken 8 during that even as teased by its Twitter handle. Now, whether it will be first look of Tekken 8 during The Game Awards 2022 or Bandai Namco will show the game before that too remains to been seen. As for a specific The Game Awards 2022 release date, we don’t have one for now. While we know the date for sure in coming months, as a hint, last year’s event started from December 7. So we can expect it to happen in the first half of December.

Tekken 7 was released back in 2015 so it has been 7 years since the announcement of a new game. Remake or a new game, fans should expect a lot of new features for the new game as it has been some time now. Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait until The Game Awards for our first glimpse of the new game.

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