New Super Mario Bros. U: Secret Exits and World Skips Locations

There are secret exits that allow you to skip every world in New Super Mario Bos. U. Here's how to find them.

Mario games have featured Secret Exits and World Skips, and the New Super Mario Bros. U is no different. All the regular worlds feature at least one level that has a secret exit for you. After finding one, you can unlock new levels or even skip through them.

In this guide, we will explore all Secret Exits and World Skips locations in New Super Mario Bros U. Each World in the game boasts at least one Secret Exit, which can lead you to Hidden Levels, shortcuts, and even to different worlds. There are 12 Secret Exits in the game in total.

World 1 – Acorn Plains

Location. In the Acorn Plains, you will reach an area with the red circle in the Titled Tunnel. When you do, wait for the purple large rock to slant downwards. You can jump up to the ceiling area, allowing you to run up the ceiling regions for some extra coins.

There is a blue rock crystal which you can use to jump up further again, which will propel you to a second ceiling. This ceiling will lead you to a secret exit that opens a path to Acorn Plains-A Blooper’s Secret Lair.

World 2 – Layer-Cake Desert

Location. In the Spike’s Spouting Sands, you can get the last star coin; jump up and keep go on to the exit. There will be a few signposts pointing rightwards. One of them has a located underneath the platform – a hidden area that leads to a pipe. Carefully run down the side of that signpost platform and follow the new area to the secret exit, leading to Layer-Cake Desert-Piranha Plants on Ice.

World 3 – Sparkling Waters

Location. In the Ghost House Haunted Shipwreck, just before leaving the ship, you should look for an opening in the ceiling. It’ll have a ghost up there, which you can lure away, and then you can wall jump from there over to the ceiling. You’ll find a door there to a secret exit. This will lead to the Skyward Stalk.

World 4 – Frosted Glacier

Location. The Secret Exit in the Frozen Glacier world can be found in the Swaying Ghost House. This exit will also lead you to the final Star Coin. There is a room with an elevator platform that moves up when you jump on it.

Jump on the platform continuously even after reaching the first door. If you jump high enough into the ceiling, you will find a secret area with another door. This door will provide you the way to the Secret Exit, which will lead to the Fliprus Lake. The Star Coin is also here.

World 5 – Soda Jungle

Location. There are multiple Secret Exits in the Soda Jungle world.

Bridge over Poisoned Waters

In Bridge over Poisoned Waters, towards the end of the level you will encounter many rising pillars out of the water. Once of these pillars has a solitary block with it. Use a koopa shell to hit it. This will sprout a vine, which you can take to an area that leads to a secret exit. It’ll take you to the Seesaw Bridge.

Which-Way labyrinth

In the Which-Way labyrinth, in the main area, go to the door to your left and go through the house. There is one area where the floor keeps rising. Wait for it to go to the ceiling, and don’t take the door. Instead, stay left to find an area with another door. Drop down into the area and exit through the door at the bottom. This will lead to a secret exit, which will take you to the Flight of the Para-Beetles.

Painted Swampland

During the Painted Swampland, once you pass the red ring, collect the coins that follow. At the last coin, look below and you should find a pipe that is floating next to a large red pipe. Land on the slanted pipe that is floating, and walk under the platform to find a hidden area that leads to a pipe that further leads to the secret exit to Seesaw Bridge.

Deepsea Ruins

In the Deep See Ruins, there will be a pipe at the top to leave the underwater ruins. Instead of taking that, look at the statue and wait for it to move. Jump over the statue and move to the right wall. You should find a pipe there that leads to a secret exit, again to Seesaw Bridge.

World 6 – Rock Candy Mines

Location. There are a couple of secret exit locations in this world.

Grinding Stone Tower

In the Grinding Stone Tower, at the end of the level you should spot a green pipe on the top right corner. Avoid the grinding stones, and enter the pipe. Time your jumps to prevent contact with the grinding stones and you should spot a Star Coin at the top. The path to the secret exit is also here. This secret exit leads to Thrilling Spine Coaster.

Walking Piranha Plants

In walking piranha plants you will come across three moving platforms that will have Piranha plants. You will see a tall ledge and across it at the bottom a jutted-out wall. If you go through this wall you will see that this was a fake wall and you will find a warp pipe and the way out of there. This exit will take you to Roy’s Conveyor Belt as a shortcut

World 7 – Meringue Clouds

Location. In the Spinning Spirit House, after clearing the top of the house go to the middle floor trampoline on the far left to jump up and find a secret door. This will lead you to a new area and a path to the secret exit to Ludwig’s Clockwork Castle.

World 8 – Peach’s Castle

Location. In the Meteor Moat level, when you encounter the P-switch, activate it and then start running. As you are towards the end of your run, you will find several coins aligned with an in-the-air platform. These coins are actually block platforms, so run on them and jump to a tiny platform that is located just under a pipe. Jump to enter the pipe to get to the secret exit leading to Firefall Cliffs.

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