New Super Mario Bros. U Items Guide

Find out different items of interest in New Super Mario Bros U. This guide will tell you what each item does in the game.

In the world of Mario, items are more than just tools to help you in your wonder-filled journey across different magical worlds. The New Super Mario Bros U Items for the Wii U continues the trend with some classic Mario series items and additional newer collectibles to look forward to. These items are either Power items that give you bonus benefits or collectibles that stack up and are for long-term progression.

Power-Up Items

Power-up items usually appear in question mark bricks that Mario can hit and transform himself into a more effective version in New Super Mario Bros U. However, these items can also be obtained from other sources like Toad Houses, etc.

Super MushroomThis item allows Mario to grow bigger and increases hit valency to lose to two. Mario turns back to the original size on the first hit instead of dying.
Fire FlowerThis item allows Mario to throw fire balls from his hand – super handy!
Super AcornThis item was introduced in New Super Mario Bros. U and allows Mario to turn into a super ‘squirrel’ Mario, and hover or glide for a while after jumping.
Ice FlowerSimilar to fire flower, allows Mario to throw ice balls from his hand and turn the enemies into ice. Mario can also use them as a platform
Mini MushroomThis item makes Mario smaller and allows him to walk on water, jump higher and farther, fit into cracks and other small areas, and also run up walls. However, prevents Mario from killing larger creatures and makes him vulnerable.
Penguin SuitThe P-Acorn is obtained by grabbing the thief Nabbit, who appears occasionally in various stages of the game. It allows Mario to fly continuously.
StarmanHis. Grants Mario invincibility for a limited time. If Mario did 8 kills in that time, he would get one extra life, along with one extra life for every kill he performed after those 8 kills.
P-AcornObtained by grabbing the thief Nabbit, which appears occasionally in various stages of the game. The P-Acorn allows Mario to fly continuously.
POW BlockThis item serves as an environmental offensive tool that Mario can hit. On hitting it, it releases a shock wave that destroys everything including platforms and enemies.


CoinsThis serves as the main currency of the game and is found everywhere. Collecting 100 of these grants Mario an extra life. They have many types such as gold, star, yellow, and green, and can be found in a variety of places, such as floating in the air, in bubbles, bricks, and more.
Ringsin a variety, Rings make coins appear near the area where they are collected for a limited time. So it depends on players’ speed if they can collect them all in that time. There are two types of rings.
Red Rings:It spawns 8 red coins to be collected in a limited time.
Green Rings:It spawns 8 green coin in the same way as Red rings. However, their pattern varies with the type of ring.
1-Up MushroomThey appear in blocks or as a reward of collecting all coins in the rings and gives Mario one bonus life.
3-Up MoonThis modified version of 1-U Mushroom give you 3 lives instead of one.
Propeller MushroomThese are the power-ups with a cap covers two eyes and gives Mario a suit. if they touch this orange mushroom with propellers on top and gives Mario an aviation suit
Question BlockThis reoccurring item gives items like coins or super mushrooms on hitting and can also be used as a platform.
Red CoinThis item almost appears in a set of 8 coins every time. Getting the collection will reward you with different items depending upon the game, like in Super Mario 64 you will be rewarded with a Power Star, and in New super Mario bros you will be rewarded a life or a power-up.
Star CoinThis coin is larger than other coins in size. Every level has 3 of them, 240 in total. They can be used to open up the paths in the world map and to buy Touch Screen Background images.
Super GuideThis appears as a book and Luigi will guide you through the whole level of touching it.
Super StarIt grants Mario and his Mario invisibility for some time. But it doesn’t protect Mario from falling into the lava or getting cursed.
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