New State Of Decay 2 Gameplay Video, Character Selection, Combat And Much More

The State Of Decay 2 Gameplay Video recently been released by Undead Labs and it has given insight into a lot of different stuff. From character selection.

The developers of State Of Decay 2 have recently rolled out a gameplay video of the game and it is really amazing. The new State Of Decay 2 Gameplay Video gives insight into the character selection of the game, base building, combat, environment and much more.

State Of Decay 2 is under development by Undead Labs for quite some time now, although we have been having some minor reveals from time to time.

This new State Of Decay 2 Gameplay though, is something that can give the fans a really good idea of how the game is actually going to be.

In the video we lean than, the player will have to maintain the happiness of his or her home, keep the stockpiles fresh and also the most important, build watchtowers for protection.

Furthermore, we also see that the player will have to manage his community as well by promoting other characters, which is pretty interesting.

Regarding the combat, what we learned is that the players will be able to sneak up on the enemies, grab and attack them from behind as well as chuck them at other enemies.

Although the most interesting features in the gameplay video are the brutal melee kills. That said, what do you think about the gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.