New Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay Trailer Teases Hitler Assassination As A Pre-Order Bonus

Sniper Elite games are known for their brutal bullet cams that can sometime make us feel the pain. Sniper Elite 4 is the upcoming game in the popular franchise, and Rebellion Developments has released a new gameplay trailer for the game.

The trailer showcases different approaches that players can take to complete a mission. Players can either take the stealth route and find a perfect spot to snipe every enemy soldier in the field, or they can go for an all out assault and kill everyone with a machine gun.

The trailer also shows that players will be able to do hand to hand combat with enemy soldiers, or set some land mines for them. Also the trailer showcases the game’s trademark bullet cam which shows busting lungs or broken bones of the soldiers unlucky enough to to be shot by players.

At the end of the trailer Rebellion Games also revealed that pre-order bonus for Sniper Elite 4. Those who pre-order the game will get a bonus mission to infiltrate an U-boat facility and assassinate the Hitler. Also pre-ordering the game will get you Camo Rifles Skin Pack for extra customization.

Recently, Tim Jones, Head of Creative at Rebellion said that Rebellion Developments is considering the possibility of them working on VR for Sniper Elite 4 but even if they are actually working it, Jones won’t be able to talk about it.

We think about everything and all possibilities, that’s our job. Exactly what we do in the future, if we did have plans about it, I couldn’t tell you about it, I’m afraid. But you are right, it would be exciting.

Sniper Elite 4 is a tactical stealth shooter and is scheduled to release on February 14, 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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