Respawn Entertainment Has An Incubation Team Working on a “Brand New IP”

A new job listing on LinkedIn has revealed that a new Respawn Entertainment IP is in the works, or at least in incubation.

A new job listing on LinkedIn has revealed that a new Respawn Entertainment IP is in the works. The listing is a position for a senior software engineer, intended to be in the studio’s incubation team. This does, however, invite a lot of speculation as to what Respawn is getting ready to develop.

The studio has been doing very well in gaming the past few years, first releasing the wildly successful battle royale Apex Legends, followed by Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in the same year of 2019. Since then the studio has been mostly quiet, though rumors of a sequel to Fallen Order and speculation on a new Titanfall game have continued to make the rounds online.

There’s no information on exactly what the new IP will involve. The very fact that it’s a “new” IP points to the very likely possibility that it won’t be Star Wars or Titanfall, though with how well Respawn Entertainment has done with games the past few years whatever new Respawn Entertainment IP comes out will hopefully be great.

It could also be any number of genres, too. While Respawn is mostly known for shooters (as the Titanfall games, Apex, and the studio’s past as being full of Infinity Ward veterans), Fallen Order was a third-person adventure game with Metroidvania elements, so Respawn might want to experiment again.

Either way, since this IP is still in its incubation period, we likely won’t see anything about it for at least a few years. Even when Respawn first announced Fallen Order at E3 2018, it was still another year before we got any other information on it, and there’s no telling how long it had been incubating before then.

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