New Resident Evil 8 Demo Is Coming, Will Actually Be Part Of Game

Capcom revealed in the most recent issue of Famitsu that a new Resident Evil 8 demo is coming, and unlike the original this will actually be cut from a part of the game. This is in contrast to the previous demo, which was more of a tech demo than anything substantial.

Resident Evil 8 will be taking a few leaves out of Resident Evil 4’s book when it comes, as Ethan Winters finds himself in a spooky European village and must fight off what appear to be vampires and werewolves this time, rather than zombies of any kind.

Unlike the demo for Resident Evil 7, which was updated from time to time with new hints, information, and areas to explore, the demo for Resident Evil 8 was specifically a tech demo intended to not only show players the setting, but also how its tech has advanced over the past few years.

If the new Resident Evil 8 demo really does actually take place in a part of the game, however, it will hopefully be a moment that really knocks people’s socks off. Given the imagery of the game and the questions posed in trailers (along with the fanbase’s sheer thirst for Lady Dimistrescu, the antagonist), it will hopefully help to give us more context for the game, as well.

Alongside Dimistrescu, for instance, we see Chris Redfield apparently shoot Mia Winters dead after after breaking into the Winters home, despite him being the one to rescue Ethan at the end of Resident Evil 7. It’s likely that a lot of Resident Evil fans are wondering if one of the main group of characters has gone rogue.

There’s no release date for the new demo yet, but hopefully Capcom will end up giving us an actual date at some point in the near future. Until then, all we can do with the news of the new Resident Evil 8 demo is speculate. The game releases on May 7 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and PC.