New ReCore Game “Would Be Great To See,” Says Armature Studio

Texas-based Armature Studio "really enjoyed" co-creating ReCore by using influences from both the Mega Man and Metroid franchises.

Texas-based Armature Studio “really enjoyed” co-creating ReCore by using influences from both the Mega Man and Metroid franchises. The good news is that the developer would love to work on a follow-up. The bad news is that any potential sequel needs to be greenlit by Microsoft and the publisher has remained silent for all of these four long years.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, Armature Studio stated that there has been no “specific” discussion with Microsoft about releasing a new ReCore game. The developer though hopes to see the game return and soon, even if Microsoft hands over ReCore to another studio.

We have a very good relationship with Microsoft, but we have not talked specifically about creating a new ReCore game. We really enjoyed the IP we helped create, so whether ReCore returns through us or someone else, it would be great to see a new version of the game.

Microsoft not only published the original ReCore in 2016 but also owns all rights to the intellectual property. Hence, the future of the game rests completely in the hands of Microsoft. With next-generation just around the corner, the publisher could possibly consider to add a sequel to the Xbox Series X library.

That being said, ReCore did come with a few issues. The game was released to mixed receptions due to a repetitive mission design, long loading times, and a tedious combat nature, among other things. The one major redeeming quality about the game was the storyline which players defend for having a lot of potential. There has for long been a general belief that ReCore can be carved into a franchise by improving on a few fronts such as focusing more on storytelling.

Armature Studio probably realizes it best as to just how the original formula can be bettered. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, did exclaim at the time that ReCore reminded him why he fell in love with gaming in the first place. Perhaps there is hope yet that Microsoft will give the game a sequel that it deserves.

Armature Studio is currently busy with a new narrative adventure called Where the Heart is. The indie-focused project follows a character named Whit Anderson who falls down a sinkhole on his family farm and begins to relive moments of his life. During these dream-like states, players can make life-changing choices that impact Whit in all sorts of ways. Where the Heart is remains in active development and will release for PlayStation 4 around the holiday season.

Armature Studio did mention that there are “some very interesting things planned internally” for the next couple of years. These include creating new games, “as well as working with the new consoles.” Whether one of those new games include a new ReCore installment, Armature Studio is not saying.

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