New PS5 Beta Update Brings 1440p Support, Gamelists, Screen Sharing and More

The new PS5 beta update introduces 1440p support, new social feature, gamelists and other quality of life improvements.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is bringing a lot of quality of life improvements for PlayStation 5 owners. A new PS5 beta update has been rolled out featuring multiple improvements for the PS5.

The highlight of this update is 1440p display support for the PS5. Fans have been requesting Sony to include this option for a while and now, they have delivered. You will be able to select 1440p resolution through the settings of your PS5. And even if the game supports higher resolution than 1440p, you will still be able to enjoy “improved anti-aliasing through supersampling down to 1440p output”. So after VRR, 1440p output for the PS5 is definitely a good option to have and it’s good to see that Sony is acting of player feedback effectively.

Sony has also introduced a new feature “Gamelists” for the PS5. Gamelists are basically like folders where you will be able to organize your games. For now, Sony will allow you make 15 gamelists with up to 100 games in each list. So if you have a lot of games in your library and you want to organize them, it won’t be problem on PS5.

Next is a nice little feature I am sure will help a lot of users. Sony is now allowing PS5 users to compare the Stereo and 3D audio so that users can spot the difference and choose accordingly. A direct comparison is always helpful and that is what we are in the upcoming PS5 update.

In the PS5 beta update, social features have also received some love. Players will be able to request screen sharing of the party members so that they can watch the party members’ gameplay. If the party member accepts the request, the gameplay will be streamed to your display.

The beta update has also introduced joinable game notification which is also a useful social feature to have. Viewing your new friends profiles have also got some tweaks and now players will be able to send stickers and voice messages through Game Base card.

It’s worth mentioning here that this new update is currently in the beta phase so not all PS5 owners will be able to download it yet. The update will only be available to those who have signed up for the beta community. After proper testing, the update will be rolled out soon for everyone.

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