New PlayStation 4 Model (CUH-2200) Introduced By Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been supporting its flagship console with not only games but also with newer PlayStation 4 models like PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Now Sony has introduced a new PS4 Model CUH-2200.

However, Sony has currently introduced the New PS4 Model CUH-2200 model in Japan.

Currently, three versions of this new PlayStation model are listed in Japan, one is 1 TB Jet Black version PlayStation 4(CUH-2200BB01), 500 GB Jet Black version (CUH-2200BB020) while the 3rd one is 1 TB Glacier White (CUH-2200BB02).

No hardware changes have been listed by Sony Interactive Entertainment but, the change in model number suggests that Sony has done a minor revision of the internal components to maintain the low manufacturing cost while keeping track which version features a new component.

With this new version of PlayStation 4 popping up in Japan expect it to be available in other countries as well.

Speaking of the PlayStation 4, Sony and Microsoft both are pushing 4K gaming with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, however, the former uses 4K checkerboarding while the latter can’t pull off native 4K for every game.

However, according to AMD’s Timothy Lottes, both of these consoles don’t have the necessary power to d0 4K gaming as next-gen consoles require at least 7.4 TFLOPs of GPU compute to play games at native 4K/30 FPS with PS4’s image quality.

Currently, the Ps4 Pro features 4.2 TFLOPs of GPU compute while the Xbox One X features 6 TFLOPs of GPU computational power.

While Sony hasn’t revealed any plans for the next PlayStation as Microsoft has announced the next-Xbox at E3 2018 but seems like Sony is preparing to use AMD Ryzen APU for PS5.

Sony’s compiler expert Simon Pilgrim who is apparently working on AMD Ryzen “znver1” microarchitecture support within the LLVM compiler stack.

The programmer is working on upstream LLVM improvements which unique to AMD Zen processors and Sony has no product in the market using the AMD Ryzen chip in it which might indicate that the company is running the LLVM compiler stack for the PlayStation 5.

Source: Dualshockers

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