Sony Apparently Working On AMD Ryzen LLVM Compiler Improvements For PlayStation 5

Following the launch of Xbox One X, which is a fairly powerful console, many have speculated that Sony is working on PlayStation 5 and now another hint has popped up suggesting that Sony is indeed working on PlayStation 5.

The clue comes from the Linkedin profile of Sony’s compiler expert Simon Pilgrim who is apparently working on AMD Ryzen “znver1” microarchitecture support within the LLVM compiler stack.

The reason why we believe that he is tuning the AMD Ryzen “znver1” microarchitecture support within the LLVM compiler stack for the PlayStation 5 is that the programmer is actively working on compiler tooling for the PlayStation devices.

The programmer also submitted a cleanup for the znver1 code and has been working on it for two weeks. Interestingly the programmer is working on upstream LLVM improvements which unique to AMD Zen processors and Sony has no product in the market using the AMD Ryzen chip in it which might indicate that the company is running the LLVM compiler stack for the PlayStation 5.

However, Sony does uses the LLVM/Clang as the compiler for the PlayStation 4 which features a custom AMD Jaguar CPU with GCN Radeon graphics.

We wouldn’t be surprised with PlayStation 5 using AMD Ryzen APU since these chips have been knocking it out of the park when it comes to performance.

Speaking of AMD Ryzen, the company has confirmed that it is working on Zen 5 architecture. This is according to lead Zen architect Mike Clark who confirmed that he is working on Zen 5 mico-architecture while talking about AMD’s successful Ryzen processor family.

However, the upcoming Zen 5 architecture might skip the 5 nm altogether and will be based on 3nm process.

According to CEO of GlobalFoundries, he doesn’t think that 5 nm is going to be enough for the company to invest in it and 3 nm process will be required to get “full performance”. However, he didn’t confirm that the company will indeed skip the 5 nm in favor of 3 nm process.

Do you think Sony will soon be bringing its PlayStation 5 console to compete with Xbox One X? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Phoronix

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