New Nintendo Switch Pro Tech Will Increase Power

Apparently, new Nintendo Switch Pro tech from Nvidia will increase the console's power and make it able to run 4K resolution when docked.

According to various industry insiders, apparently Nvidia will be putting new Nintendo Switch Pro tech into the rumored console, which will increase its power. This will give the Pro (if it exists) a leg-up over the original Nintendo Switch console, which is currently only display graphics at 720p resolution.

While the Nintendo Switch has proven to be an enormous success for Nintendo, it does have a few problems that prevent some higher-end games from being ported to it at their full potential, such as its small hard drive size and the limiting of resolution to 720p when in handheld mode.

Even though the Nintendo Switch Pro has up until now been rumored, never confirmed, that hasn’t stopped various industry insiders from claiming that it’s coming, and now they’re starting to give us some information on what sort of tech we can expect. For instance, a seven-inch screen, larger than the normal Switch’s.

According to these insiders, the new Nintendo Switch Pro tech from Nvidia will allow the console to make use of DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) to upscale lower-resolution images into higher ones. The tech will also make it possible for the console to reproduce 4K resolution when plugged into the dock.

There are a few issues with this, however. Games that were released prior to the Switch Pro won’t have the same capabilities unless they’re patched to have them by developers, so there’s a good chance that many Switch games may not look as good on the Nintendo Switch Pro as they do on the normal Switch.

The new Nintendo Switch Pro tech might be the main reason why there aren’t that many titles coming out for the console in the latter half of this year. If Nintendo is slowing down development to make it so that games can look their best on the Pro (if the Pro is actually coming), hopefully it all works out in the future.

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