New Nintendo Patent Talks About New Device, Another NX Feature?

A new Nintendo patent has revealed a new device specifically for object detection, which may be used on the Nintendo NX to detect Amiibos.

There’s been a new Nintendo patent filed with the Japan Patent Office showing off a new device designed for object detection, most likely for the Nintendo NX.

Yesterday, we showed you what might be a new Nintendo device to possibly scan multiple Amiibos at the same time, rather than one at a time like the newer Nintendo 3DS systems and the Nintendo Wii U. This new Nintendo patent appears to be related to that device, which could very possibly be the Nintendo NX.

[Claim(s)] [Claim 1] A camera,
a mirror which opposes to the aforementioned camera and is installed — and
An information processing system comprising:
The 1st part image that is equivalent to the aforementioned mirror among camera images imaged with the aforementioned camera.
The 1st detection means that detects a position of an object which exists in the circumference of the camera concerned based on the 2nd part image that adjoins said 1st part image and is not equivalent to the aforementioned mirror.

We’ve yet to have any real information about the NX come out, and what little we do know is that it will be able to support ports of AAA games for other consoles, and be available for backwards compatibility and My Nintendo support.

A possible controller was exposed as a hoax several weeks ago, so we don’t really have any idea of what that would look like either.

There was a lot of other faked info too, including that the Nintendo NX would be more powerful than the Playstation 4 before that too was exposed as a hoax.

What else we have are just possible games, including versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Beyond Good and Evil 2 as an exclusive, Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield, and others like it possibly being made for the Nintendo NX.

However, with no news about it from Nintendo, we may be waiting until E3 in June for them to reveal anything about it.

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