New “Most Powerful Console Ever” To Compete Against PlayStation and Xbox

Mad Box has announced on their Twitter page, that they are going to announce their “Most Powerful Console Ever” and that it’ll be the studios’ OWN console. Ian Bell has revealed a new design for the Mad Box which is apparently the name of this unique console.

This console was revealed a little while back, with an initial crude design. This design was met with some very negative reactions and harsh criticism. Ian Bell, being a successful entrepreneur as he is, took this chance to listen to that criticism and convert it into useful pieces of advice. He has revealed the new design of the Mad Box, and it looks absolutely marvelous.

This revamped Mad Box design looks as conventional and modern as can be, plus it comes with support and integration for some high-tech/beautiful features like RGB lighting *Gamer soul intensifies* and stuff. The design apparently, also has a small display strip on the front of the console, where you can see what game/application you’re currently playing. As seen from the application above, you can play Project CARS Revolution the game, play music from Spotify and chill on Netflix. Plus, judging from the design, it should have a touch screen. We would love to see a JerryRigEverything session where he takes everything apart and show us how its done.

One of the things this console does right is the ability to support both horizontal and vertical orientations. That means, you can mount this console virtually anywhere or even hide it in on the back of your LCD, if your wall mount can take the weight.

We will be looking forward to seeing what new kind of controller they develop for this new console, and if they’re just going to add the ability to use Xbox/PS controllers instead. Ian did tweet a while back that “We have a great partner”. If I were to guess, considering the console has RGB, its Razor! Razor has been going into the console game lately, with the Razer Turret and all.
The console is not seen to have a DVD slot and is supposed to go “digital only”.

Mad Box’s device has still not been unveiled, but Ian has made it very clear that the console will be a bit expensive. He also states that the price of the console will drop if more people buy the console, though that’s not a very clever technique.

This new gaming console is definitely a very good step in the right direction. We will have to wait and see how this console turns out to be.
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