New Metro Game Could be Announced at E3, 4A Games Will Be There

new Metro game could be announced this year at E3. 4A Games will be present at the event and Deep Silver has already mentioned big plans for E3.

One of the developers of 4A Games confirmed on a Russian forum that 4A Games will be at E3 2016. Not too long ago the studio moved to Malta from Ukraine to work on an unannounced game for the Metro series. 4A Games moved to Malta so it can better compete in the international market.

Its presence at E3 indicates that the project is ready for reveal. Metro will be published by Deep Silver and we already know it has big plans for E3, however, we didn’t know that these plans  involved 4A Games and its new Metro game. It is safe to say that the game will be announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will definitely benefit from the hardware capabilities of current-gen consoles.

Previous Metro games were very demanding and due to limited power of PS3 and Xbox 360 the visual fidelity suffered. Meanwhile, even on PC you needed a decent rig to run these games. Metro games are often used to benchmark different GPUs and we are sure same will be the case for 4A’s next Metro game.

4A Games recently suspended work on an unannounced new IP that was set in space. The report came in late last year when a LinkEDin profile mentioned the suspension of this project pending further update. If devs are gearing up to show the new Metro game at E3 then this suspension could be due to the fact that they wanted to focus their recourse on Metro to have it ready for E3.

In any case, we will know more come E3 2016.

Many notable publishers and developer are to be present at E3 including Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Bethesda and more. PC Gaming show is returning as well.

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