New Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Demo Shows A Tough Boss Fight

Gamescom 2019 is happening right now and we finally have the full playthrough of Marvel’s Avengers A-Day and there's a ton of things to deduce from it.

Marvel’s Avengers might be the most hyped up games of this year. During Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference, we got to see a short, heavily edited, gameplay trailer. Even though what we saw in the A-day trailer for Marvel’s Avengers consisted mostly of in-game engine cut scenes.

Square Enix also showed off some of the Marvel’s Avengers gameplay of the A-day event but it was behind closed doors so a lot of the gaming community didn’t get to see it. That gameplay received a mixed reception from the audience. Some praised it and thought the combat, character switching, and action was cool. Others criticized it because they felt the character designs looked off and the gameplay wasn’t polished enough.

Crystal Dynamics polished the A-Day segment and improved the character designs in the Avengers gameplay they showed at Comic-Con (again behind doors). Square Enix promised fans that they would be able to see the A-Day Avengers gameplay soon at Gamescom 2019.

And now since Gamescom 2019 is happening right now, we finally have the full playthrough of the A-Day Marvel’s Avengers gameplay. Right off the bat, there are a ton of things to notice and deduce from the 19-minute long gameplay.

The gameplay starts with the Avengers showing off a hi-tech headquarters in San Fransisco when an explosion takes place on the San Fransisco Bridge. Immediately, Thor and Iron Man fly to where the gameplay assumes control of Thor.

Now there are a couple of interesting things to note about Thor’s gameplay and his combat. Thor’s combat mechanics are similar to Kratos’ from God of War. His attacks are a combination of both close-quarter melee attacks and long-range lighting attacks.

The Thor section of the Avenger’s gameplay is short but it shows off some of his abilities and voice acting. The gameplay then shifts to Iron Man who has a different move set of his own. Since Iron Man can fly, his combat has a bit of vertical variation to it. He can do both long-ranged attacks using his repulsor and close quarter attacks using punches and kicks.

Both Thor and Iron Man have their own unique abilities and we see some of them in this Avengers gameplay. Thor can call lightning using Mjolnir and Iron Man can lock on to targets and launch micro-missiles.

A short cutscene takes place in a Quinjet with Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov AKA Black Widow. The Avengers gameplay then shifts to Hulk. The Hulk is able to use objects from his environment by picking them up and throwing them at enemies. His gameplay segment is more parkour based with a chase taking place.

The Marvel’s Avengers gameplay then shifts to Captain America up in the Helicarrier. Cap’s combat is both melee and long-ranged using his shield. He is able to block and counter, attack using punches and kicks, and use his shield as a projectile.

Then comes Black Widow and her boss battle with Taskmaster. Now half of the battle consists of QTE (Quick Time Events). After a chase segment, a boss battle takes place with Taskmaster on the bridge. Black Widow can use her pistols for long-range attacks that recharge with time. Now, this boss battle is interesting for a couple of reasons. Primarily, we get to see how boss battles work in Marvel’s Avengers. Taskmaster is able to analyze and remember his opponent’s fighting style. Because of this, we see Taskmaster block and counter a lot of attacks. We also see one of Black Widow’s special abilities which is a sort of invisibility cloak.

After that, a story based cutscene takes place and the 19-minute long Marvel’s Avengers gameplay concludes. There’s a ton of things to talk about regarding the gameplay and if we haven’t touched on something here, we will most definitely do that later.

Marvel’s Avengers video game has a March 15th, 2020 release date for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders for the game are open on Square Enix’s website. The game will also be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live Marketplace.