(Update) New League of Legends Teaser Arrives, Could Be Pulsefire Caitlyn

A couple of hours ago, Riot Games began teasing a new image on its social media platforms for what could potentially be the rumored Pulsefire Caitlyn skin.

It shows the silhouette of a pony tailed female figure, armed with a gigantic futuristic laser rifle. She appears to be stepping through a portal of some sort, since her figure is surrounded by a ball of blue energy.

“Some people are always meddling when they don’t belong,” reads an accompanying caption.

While there is no mention of Pulsefire Caitlyn, there are several clues that give it away. Firstly, the silhouette and the weaponry themselves are pretty prominent. Secondly, League of Legends just received two new champions last month in the form of Rakan and Xaya. Hence, it is unlikely that the teaser is for a new addition to the bolstering roster.

Lastly, it was only a couple of weeks ago when the Public Beta Environment (PBE) received a mysterious voice over for Pulsefire Ezreal. Upon requesting a diagnostic scan, an accented new voice would interrupt the transmission by saying “nowhere to hide,” which is actually a line that Caitlyn uses. Hence, the theme and voice over, along with the new teaser, almost confirms that we are getting a new Pulsefire Caitlyn skin.

For some reason, the teaser image was pulled down by Riot Games soon after publishing. However, we should see the developer bring it back later tonight, with a full reveal taking place in the coming days.

Update: A preview video has been released for the skin.

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