New Japanese Dark Souls 3 Posters Reveal Game Details

Dark Souls 3 just got some new posters for the Japanese audience that tell us a little more about the game features.

If this gameplay footage of FromSoftware’s latest Dark Souls 3 has impressed you, the new details shared by a promotional poster that got leaked recently will definitely be of interest to you.

The pamphlet has been received by a couple of people in Japan and we have been able to get our hands on some pictures that detail whatever has been shared by the developers.

So first off, the posters boast of the game being “deeper” than the previous iterations and dynamism in terms of light sources, ashes, shadows, and a “peculiarly strong online system.”

We are listing down everything that has been shared on the new poster of Dark SOuls 3 so that you can siphon out whatever you can:

  • On the PlayStation 4, check out a new and Deeper Dark souls.
  • The search for a seamless overlapping of complex 3D objects
  • Dynamic Light sources, Ashes, and rags blowing in the wind, more than realm with colorful interaction of light and shadow, the feeling of being drowned in a dark fantasy world increases.
  • A peculiarly strong online system
  • When you connect online, phantoms, bloodstains, messages, and other player marking are visible.
  • In this world, like yourself, there are other players braving distress with their courage.
  • Co-op with other players, or have hostile engagements to have fun on online multiplayer.
  • You can activate a summon sigh, fighting alongside other player to overcome difficult situations. As you earn other players help, you can progress in the game.
  • Invade the world of others, Become an invading spirit. Using your knowledge and skills, become a fearful opponent, a menace to others.
  • Make your own story with each personal meeting with unknown players.

While many of these things were either expected or confirmed, but tell us if you found anything that gets you excited. Also, check out the posters below.

The recently released system requirements for the game have also revealed that you are not going to require a really expensive card in order to play the game, so we think most of you are going to be able to be able to enjoy all that we have told you above.

Dark Souls 3 heads out west in April.

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