New Insomniac VR Game Being Developed Even Before Spiderman Comes Out

A new Insomniac VR game is being developed before Spiderman releases, and Insomniac promises that it will be a textbook Insomniac game.

A new Insomniac VR game is being developed, even though the studio hasn’t yet released the Spiderman game, which is slated to come out in September. We don’t have any real information about the new game yet, though Insomniac developing a virtual reality game isn’t quite unheard of just yet.

The studio has developed two previous virtual reality games for the Oculus Rift, called Edge of Nowhere (a third-person action adventure game) and The Unspoken, a multiplayer wizard-dueling simulator. While we don’t know what the upcoming game is yet, if it’s as good as the other two games have been in the Oculus Store then Insomniac will have nothing to worry about it being successful or not.

The trailer for the game, posted on Insomniac’s Twitter page, mainly shows off all of the other stuff that Insomniac has gone, such as Ratchet and Clank along with its previous two VR games. It does give us a bit of insight into what we’ll be seeing with the new VR game, however, and it looks and sounds like it’ll be good.

The game appears to focus around a robot, and will allow us a good bit of exploration potential. The studio even says that it will be a typical Insomniac game, including humor, a good story, good controls, and even possibly a little bit of tears.

If the game has the Insomniac marks, we can likely expect it to be good just like most of the other games that they’ve come out with. While it might not completely eclipse Spiderman when it comes out, and we don’t have any idea of when the game will be hitting the Oculus Rift, hopefully the new Insomniac VR game will end up being a hit.

We’ll likely see the new Insomniac VR game at this year’s E3, where we’ll hopefully find out release information.


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