New Homeworld 3 Trailers Inbound As Gearbox Preps Marketing Campaign

Fans of the cosmic real-time strategy franchise can finally expect some new updates to arrive for Homeworld 3 in the coming months.

Homeworld 3 has more or less been in missing in action since its announcement back in 2019 but from the looks of it, fans of the cosmic real-time strategy franchise can finally expect some new updates to arrive in the coming months.

Taking to LinkedIn on the weekend, brand manager Nathaniel Wattenmaker announced that Gearbox Software has started “gearing up” on a full-blown marketing campaign for Homeworld 3.

The publisher has hence begun seeking trailer partners with “aces in custom in-engine (Unreal) animation, gameplay capture, and motion graphics” to craft trailers that express “an entirely unique flavor of strategy and sci-fi” for Homeworld 3.

Based on the announcement alone, Gearbox Software potentially plans to release new Homeworld 3 trailers, which may possibly include gameplay footage as well, in the coming months. Should that come to pass, it will be a good indication of the game adhering to its original development schedule.

Homeworld 3 will be a new mainline installment in the franchise since 2003. The revered cosmic battles of Homeworld have hence been on a hiatus for nearly two decades. Gearbox Software has confirmed that the third entry will not steer too far from its two predecessors and will feature an extensive single-player campaign alongside support for multiplayer skirmishes.

Homeworld 3 incidentally launched a Fig campaign back in June 2019 which ran until September 2019. The crowdfunding campaign generated the highest donation on average in Fig history. However, at the end of its cycle, Fig decided to refuse collecting donations due to “recent changes at Gearbox Software.” While the said changes were never clarified, they were strongly assumed to be related to the acquisition of Gearbox Software by the Embracer Group for up to $1.3 billion earlier in the year.

Thankfully though, the cancellation of the Fig campaign did not hamper ongoing development. Homeworld 3 remains “on-track” to release somewhere in late 2022 exclusively on PC.

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