New Hitman Update Adds New Mission For Contract Mode And Alot Of Changes

New Hitman update is coming today with a lot of changes including new mission, unlimited framerate on PC and many other new changes.

Hitman is getting a new update today. According to the release notes by IO Interactive, the upcoming May update will add support for the Definitive Edition, a new mission for contracts mode creation, fixes bugs, uncaps framerate and more.

The update will come ahead of the launch of Definitive Edition which is full of contents including a summer bonus episode, the Blood Money Requiem Pack, Season One, Game of the Year Edition content and all updates.

The Update will release worldwide on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on May 11, 2018. The game will be undergoing maintenance today starting at 10 am UTC on May 11th and most likely last until 2 pm UTC on May 11th. You’ll get the May Update during the maintenance period and the update size is between 500 MB and 2 GB depending on what platform you are on.

The full list of changes coming in the patch notes are as follows:

Definitive Edition Support

Includes support for the Anniversary Outfit Bundle and displaying the WB Games logo during the boot flow for players with the Definitive Edition.
New Mission for Contracts Mode Creation

Create and play Contracts on ‘The Source’ mission from the Patient Zero campaign.
The Pharmacist
An issue with ‘The Pharmacist’ Elusive Target has been fixed.
Elusive Target Clarification
You will be informed if you have completed or failed the contract.
PC Framerate uncapped

Framerate on PC is no more limited to 100, you can now have framerates depending on your hardware.
Clipping in Cover
47 getting stuck in wall, teleport or fall has been fixed.
Missing Vector

The game unresponsive issue on PS4 has been fixed.
Bonus Episode Installation

Installing game error from disc on PS4 has been fixed.
Progression Counter
The game will no longer display “6000 XP to next level” when reaching the max level.

You can check the full notes on IO interactive site. In Other news, Warner Bros Publishing Hitman, At Least For The Next Game.

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