New Hitman Information Coming Before June

Hitman (Teaser 2014)
After sending a couple of open letters to let people know that Io-Interactive is working on a new Hitman title, it looks like they are finally ready to announce the game by the end of this month.

On their official website, Io-Interactive wrote:

We’ve also got some news for those of you that have already played Absolution and are waiting to hear more about our next Hitman game; you can expect another blog post before the end of May. We’re looking forward to sharing more!

Previously, Io-Interactive confirmed that the next game in the Hitman series will go back to its roots and will bring back the sandbox levels in the game.

These new changes in the upcoming game are direct reflection of the feedback that Io received after the launch of the fairly linear Hitman: Absolution in 2012.

In the letter, developers also mentioned that the new Hitman is being developed for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but there are chances that it will come to last-gen as well.

Thus far, Io has not even revealed the name of the upcoming game but we hope that the next blog post from them will solve all these mysteries surrounding the next Hitman title.


What changes are you expecting in the upcoming Hitman title? Share your theories with us in the comments!

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