New Fable Gameplay Might Have Been Teased For E3 2021

Microsoft appears to be preparing a much-anticipated gameplay reveal for the new Fable game in the coming months.

Taking to Twitter a few days back, principal animator Chris Goodall teased that developer Playground Games was “making something” for the upcoming all-digital rendition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June 2021.

While that is no confirmation of the new Fable game making an appearance, Microsoft has already been confirmed to be one of the publishers taking part in E3 2021. It hence gives Playground Games a good opportunity to update fans on how the new Fable journey is coming together, especially since the game remains cloaked in shadows following its announcement last year.

The new Fable game will be rebooting the franchise and hence the reason behind the absence of any numerical order. That being said, fans of the long-dormant franchise are still dubbing the game as Fable 4 but which as said will be a completely fresh start. Microsoft though has stated that certain cues will be taken from the existing installments for the open-world role-playing experience fans have come to expect from the franchise after all these years.

Fable remains in development for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S alongside PC. The game has not received any release window which will probably be a long way off. The potential E3 2021 reveal containing a release date is hence pretty unlikely.

Microsoft has already confirmed that Fable will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one, giving yet more weightage to the subscription-based service. PlayStation users will have no choice but to either opt for an Xbox console or PC to enjoy the new Fable journey.

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