Fable Fortune is a New Fable Card Game by Ex-Lionhead Devs

Ex-Lionhead Studio veterans, Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn are currently working on new Fable card game, Fable Fortune.

Ex-Lionhead Studio veterans, Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn, have co-founded a new indie development studio called Flaming Fowl Studios. The studio is currently working on new Fable card game, Fable Fortune.

Microsoft has given the studio its support to use the Fable license to develop their game, however, the studio does not have a publisher for its game. So, the studio has turned to crowdfunding to complete its project.

The kickstarter for the game has already begun, and the studio needs to acquire £250,000 in funding to reach its first stretch goal within four weeks. Flaming Fowl is confident that their new Fable card game will be ready for a closed beta by the end of the kickstarter campaign, an open beta will be organized in October which will be available for PC and Xbox One. The studio is expecting to release the full game in early 2017.

Fable Fortune is a collectible card game, much like Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft, which will feature RPG style quests much like the older Fable games from which this card game takes its characters and setting.

Players will have to make important decisions to determine that their character will become evil or will become a hero. The game will offer online co-op against AI enemies and ability to level up cards. Flaming Fowl is considering to add single-player campaign and more PvP modes as well.

The game was originally to be the part of Fable 2, which was almost 8 years ago. Development on Fable Fortune began in 2014 in partnership with London based developer Mediatonic.

Speaking of Fable 2, it was recently revealed by ex-art director of Lionhead Studios, John McCormack, that they wanted to put a black person for the cover image of Fable 2, but Microsoft’s marketing department crapped that idea because they did not wanted a black hero on the cover of Fable 2.

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