Rumor: New Dashboard Announcement for Xbox One Coming in January

Microsoft is rumored to be hosting a special event in January where the company will release a consumer-preview version of Windows 10.

Additionally the grapevine dictates that Microsoft will also be showcasing many Windows 10 features that so far have either gone off everyone’s radar or were not mentioned in the original announcement.

To add more fuel to the fire, today found many reports about an anonymous source in the company that claims the Xbox One to be getting an entirely new dashboard. The details of this change will also be given at Microsoft’s January event.

With Windows 10 aiming to feature a sublime experience across all kinds of platforms, the Xbox One’s new dashboard is said to bring the console more in-line with the new OS in order to make it more app friendly.

However, these are all still rumors and Microsoft has yet to make any kind of official announcement about the event or confirmation of any of the above mentioned features.

Windows 10 was announced in October and will be releasing in fall of 2015. We still have no details on pricing and availability.

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