New BioShock Title Reportedly In Development

Aside from BioShock Collection in 2016, The widely popular series has been seemingly on hold since the release of Burial at Sea downloadable content in 2013 for Bioshock Infinite, however, it looks like 2k Games haven’t given up on the IP as reportedly a new Bioshock game is in development.

According to Kotaku, it was recently revealed that a secret studio is working on the next unannounced BioShock game.

A secret studio codenamed Parkside, which is located next door to the Hangar 13. Many devs from Hangar 13 have moved on or joined the Park Side studio and everyone was kept in dark until it was revealed that the game they are working on is BioShock. Kotaku writes

Next door, a small group of people were working on a project codenamed Parkside, quietly recruiting from across the video game industry for a game so secret, they wouldn’t even tell their colleagues at Hangar 13 about it. Word got out, though, that it was in fact a new game in one of the most interesting shooter franchises of the past decade: BioShock.

However, the issue is that Parkside is not ready to bring a lot of Hangar 13 people over to work on the upcoming BioShock.

One person who was involved with it said “The issue is that Parkside‘s not ready for lots of people. They’re trying to be really smart about figuring out what the core thing is. They’re careful about not falling into the same problem every studio has, where they have too many people and nothing for them to do.”

This tells that everyone at Hangar was competing to take part in the development of the upcoming title. We recently discussed how the Hangar 13 is having a hard time and their upcoming games look unconfirmed due to what’s happening we have gathered all the information you need here.

BioShock has been always successful and loved by the gamers since the series’ inception in 2007. It will be nice to see the franchise return with a game in near future.

Source: Twitter

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