New Bethesda Austin Game Revealed By Pete Hines, No Name Yet

A new Bethesda Austin game was revealed in an interview by Bethesda head Pete Hines, though there's no name or other information for now.

In a recent interview that covered some of the E3 reveals for Microsoft and Bethesda, Bethesda head Pete Hines revealed that along with all of the other games that were announced during the conference, a new Bethesda Austin game is coming from the company’s newest studio in Austin, Texas.

The game has yet to be titled, even in any leaks, and all we know about it is that Bethesda Game Studios Austin is currently accepting applications for positions to help them produce the game, including for a server engineer. There is, however, one possible game it could be.

A few other leaks have recently come out saying that the new game might be a title called “SpyTeam” or another called “Giant Monster News”, though both of those games only have trademarks to even acknowledge their existence and we have no idea of what they would be about, either.

Whatever the new Bethesda Austin game is, however, if Austin is in fact working on a game, it would be the first time since being acquired by Bethesda that they would develop a game on their own. Originally, the studio tried to release the game BattleCry, but nothing has come of that since its announcement.

Since then, Bethesda Game Studios Austin has mainly been focused on supporting the development of other studios, such as post-release content for the 2016 Doom game and additional development help with Fallout 76.

Whether or not the game is SpyTeam or Giant Monster News, however, still hasn’t been determined, and likely won’t until Bethesda is ready to announce the game themselves. That could be during this year’s Game Awards, or next year’s E3, or even several years from now. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what the new Bethesda Austin game actually turns out to be.

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